Anthon Szandor Lavey’s Strange Obsession With Goats

Writing to the Satanic Temple and the Church of Satan,

With this open letter, you can start reading as soon as possible. You are free to pass this information on to your friends, family, and anyone else. I’ll fuck you up with two long horns or some antlers, depending on the situation.

I was informed on the internet that Anton Szandor LaVey, who had initially adopted the chief of satanic worship, was the founding father of the Church of Satan.

Anton Szandor Lavey

When I heard that he had passed away in 1997, I hoped I could’ve talked with him in person if I had the opportunity, but I was only 5 years old at the time of his death. So I never had my chance in the 21st century. It makes me very angry that his name is repeatedly seen on social media. I saw only the headlines bombarded with multiple photos of goats at the tip of inverted pentagrams (the head of a goat is the statue of Baphomet) openly glorified by Satanists.

You cultists have physically hijacked a goat for your so-called worship or offered your misguided consultation to the mainstream media masses solely on the brand and reputation of the organization. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves! Your movement is only interested in the psychological attack against racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, and many isms from what I’ve read. You’re also fighting for abortion rights against the pioneers of the Conservative Community, Qanon adherents, Trump supporters, Proud Boys, Alt-Right, and many others!

Understand me when I tell you this: I have NO problem with your disgraced organization, but that doesn’t mean I will join! I identify myself as an atheist, but I also practice Wicca and Voodoo.

Just because I have an atheistic point of view doesn’t make me one of you and vice versa! I don’t intend to become a member of your goat-killing organization, which has a goat face on its logo because it’s so damn blatantly deceptive!

I love seeing the various animals on the Internet, including dogs and cats, and I really appreciate seeing wolves. I know you don’t always believe in demons with horns and tails/forks. As some raging-minded conspiracy theorists have suggested, I’m also aware that you don’t necessarily speak these incantations in Latin or in dead languages. I used to follow conspiracy theories on the internet since 2014. I don’t anymore because these nonsenses are also time-consuming! I’m NOT a follower of QAnon, NOR have I ever heard of THE Q before! I became a conspiracy theorist in October 2014 before the whole QAnon pandemonium first started! In Fall 2018, I later lost interest and QUIT! I NEVER even voted for Donald Trump in November 2016 but did vote for Jill Stein instead! Trust me, I NEVER voted for him. NOT ever, no!

Oh, wait a goddamn second! Did you know about other cults of individuals in the world’s geography who, unlike yourself, believe in Lucifer/Satanism but DO ACTUALLY practice it as a paranormal activity? You knew about that, HUH? Did you?

The perverted version of Anton Szandor LaVey’s civil rights movement, on the other hand, strikes me as completely insane and delusional! You can think of me as a damn fool if you want, but I don’t give a flying fuck about what you gonna say next! 

I can clearly see that he was so irrationally obsessive with the decapitated heads of goats for his own self-interested motives and rebellious acts against Christianity! This only serves to strengthen the growing number of non-believers and minority groups who are highly aligned with intersectional identities and come from various backgrounds.

I decided to publicly criticize Anton LaVey because we have diametrically opposed views on atheism and skepticism. You Satanists and I are two deeply-divided atheists with a different set of beliefs from one another because we don’t have anything in common! There is absolutely NOTHING out there to share one opinion. I mean NONE at all!

Now you know I’m an atheist, but I don’t necessarily show my support for Anthony Lavey or his NONSENSICAL reputation! Not only that, but also his disgustingly bizarre fetishization of goats and rams are being used as a mascot logo for his church or whatever he called it! He claimed that the goats and rams are artistically inspired by Lucifer’s Disobedience. I strongly disagree with how that concept of rebellion is connected with the goats because I thought it was supposed to be snakes instead? Right?  

Lucifer’s Disobedience

The misuse of goats as a mascot logo to incite non-believers and atheists to resist against Christian government officials or Christian lawmakers FAILED to make sense! I mean, we already know the Bible stories of fallen angels, right? Right. NOWHERE was found in the scriptural verses that directly referred to the goats being celestially ejected from Heaven as I read, which is ILLOGICAL! All I read was that the goats were beheaded and being sacrificed to one god in the Old Testament, and that’s all I know! You already knew that the fallen angels were the only creatures that got pushed out and expelled from Heaven!

You see this bullshit; that was my interpretative understanding of the biblical account regarding the angels, but why goats, though? What is it about goats that makes them so unruly and rebellious like the fallen angels? How are they related to demons? How? This still doesn’t tell me why or how! 

It! Just! Doesn’t! Make! Sense! Please, HELP MakIN’ It Sense!

If you think I’m gravely mistaken about Anthon Lavey and his strange obsession with the goats, then explain it to me to prove me wrong! You must give me some insight! I simply ask you to help me make sense of a far-fetching fixation on goats which have absolutely NOTHING to do with biblical references! NOT even the Baphomet statue in freemasonry buildings! ZERO mentions Lucifer with the goat’s head in the Bible! NOTHING! The Bible spoke only of a serpent, which was bodily possessed by Lilith or Samael, that’s it! 

In other words, Lucifer is NOT a half-human or half-goat with bat-like wings that bows out a three-fingered salute in the air! As a Non-Christian Wiccan, the sculpture of Baphomet has NEVER made any sense to me whatsoever! Please scrupulously respect the personal boundaries of goats and rams, and these lines should NEITHER be crossed NOR fooling around! You Satanists must respect that! Leave them alone, please!

Have you ever heard of the term BLACKFACE, haven’t you already? Please don’t start misunderstanding me while I try to SCHOOL your satanic ass with the belt-whooping! Remember that you are NO better than Blackface amateurs! You’re a Goatface fool who only abuses goats! You’re NO different than the Blackface actors making fun of black people! You’re a GOAT-FACE motherfucker! This is exactly how you are!

What exactly is GOATFACCE, you’re wondering, aren’t you? It’s the same problem as when Blackface comedians mock African-Americans on the stage, except that instead of laughing at my skin color, you Satanists make fun of goats while impersonating as demonic goats!

I mean, you literally made fun of goats for no apparent reason whatsoever, man!

Haven’t you noticed that the goats can’t make fun of people or try to be humans like us, have you? Huh?! I think that’s a good thing because if they’re trying to be humans, then they’re NOT goats! 

Of course, the demons would be the only ones to pretend to be humans due to their shape-shifting abilities! Yeah, obviously! They were the only ones capable of combining the goat’s head and a human body in their frontal appearance. However, unlike us, we humans can’t become goats or be hybrids! Unless you’re a witch, casting a HEX SPELL to turn someone into a live goat, which would be a completely different story to talk about! We humans can only pretend in a Halloween costume or cosplay dress. Yet, once again, the goats are incapable of walking like humans because they’re a fucking bunch of animals! THINK! 

If you are CLUELESSLY UNFAMILIAR with the term “blackface,” it was first used in Hollywood more than 50 years ago, perhaps even before you were born! By then, it has been widely often used and seen throughout the eighties, nineties, and 2000s! Between the twenty and twenty-first centuries, the term “blackface” also had been publicly used and seen in many regions across the United States of America!

White sorority girls and white frat boys insensitively made fun of black students during their stay at the Greek house events with extracurricular activities! Especially when it comes to Halloween and New Year’s Eve celebrations at community colleges and universities! So you look at that massive problem in America: they love to glorify racial stereotypes by disguising themselves as iconic black superstars like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and many others! After every time WHITE PEOPLE do these things to my people, they publish selfies on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site to get LIKES/THUMB-UPS from their friends and followers! As a result, they may become more popularized because of their viral success and many spectators! However, this problematic behavior is that white fools are oblivious that their wrong choice of action serves to amplify racism as an expected outcome of their WHITE PRIVILEGE! They’re misled to believe that this racist activity is the new normal and feel compelled to impersonate black people as prominent celebrity personalities or someone they know in real life! 

How the racist idiots perceived this behavior as fun-timing entertainment is UNQUESTIONABLY REPELLENT & DEGRADING TO SUBZERO! 

Well, this is EXACTLY what I felt about you Satanists! You people wrongly believed that using goats as statues is acceptable as part of your leftist political movement against Republicans and religious organizations and other repulsive purposes! This is killing my stomach! 

STOP USING GOATS AS A PART OF THIS STRANGE OBSESSION! THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG! Your misuse of goats as a rallying cry to any civil rights movement must be avoided at all costs! JUST BECAUSE REPUBLICANS ARE ELEPHANTS DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE A GOAT! There is NO way that the Democratic Party is a goat! IT’S A DONKEY, THAT’S WHAT!  

I would take my bet that THOMAS NAST has never done a cartoon drawing on Satanists becoming a political goat party! I knew he wouldn’t do that! 

Biblical Serpent

You’re a sucker for goats, right? You are NO better than those who pretend to be black people, so stop mimicking goats! These goats are NEVER meant to be used as Halloween costumes! If you have an irresistible urge to COPY something of an art, please do so by using wings or dragons or trying to resemble Lucifer in your own imagination! Put your imaginative ideas into THE ACTUAL WORK! Goats are NEVER going to be your patsies or scapegoats! Goats will always be goats, no matter how you think they look! Just because the pentagrams are in the shape of goats doesn’t mean I should be worried about it! Yeah, so what?! What is your fuckin’ problem with the goats, huh? You must learn how to overcome your creative difficulties as your imagination is poorly deficient and lacking! The statue of Baphomet is immediately characterized as animal discrimination because it NEGATIVELY IMPACTS the image of goats and rams! You Satanists failed to do a decent job of depicting them in your left-wing movement!

Did it ever occur to you to make a statue of Lucifer that looks like a fallen angel? No, never, have you? Well, for your interest, there is NO need to have a detailed carving of Baphomet in your organization!

Lucifer NEVER had natural horns or goatee hair! NEVER, NEVER once, ever! According to the Bible, Lucifer NEVER comes to Earth to be a living sheep! But, instead, he assumed the body of the Serpent was a consequence of demonic possession to gaslight and deceive Eve, Adam’s second wife. I’m also NOT sure if Lilith has taken on the appearance of this snake to persuade Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. I’ve heard so many different theories about the Biblical Serpent! As a rebel activist, how can you support your political platform if Lucifer simply misled Eve by growing old and dying? While you enjoy having goats instead of snakes, I found it cryptically curious that you NEVER had a statue of the Serpent God in your temple!

This has got to be fuckin’ nuts, man!

Satanic Temple Sues Netflix over copyright infringements!

I was UNNATURALLY INTRIGUED by your cult in that you openly launched a legal battle against Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix and included American Horror Story on the FX channel as a result of COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT! 

You gotta get the fuckin’ over it because that’s just a fucking TV show! Stop acting like it’s real! My God! You’re a lot crazier than I thought! Take the fuckin’ pills! 

The eighth season of American Horror Story features fictional themes from The Anti-Christ, The Black Pope, and its members who sacrificed human victims for the glory of devil worship. In real life, the Church of Satan was taking legal battles with the showrunner, Ryan Murphy! It didn’t work!

You NEVER stop complaining about how these TV shows were hurting Mr. Lavey’s reputation in 2018! You haven’t stopped talking about defaming your cult! I found it ironically amusing that you’re so paranoid about Hollywood people writing horror stories based on your people! It’s so funny how you found it insulting! You don’t want any new member to start assuming that you cause physical harm to goats, but you DO abuse them for the sake of entertainment! You openly promote goats in your own name to the masses of the world! This is some fuckin’ joke, man!

I thought it was so MIND-BOGGLINGLY WEIRD that you don’t approve of a lion, a shark, or a dragon visibly shown on the inverted pentagrams, so why goats in particular? What happened to a dragon? Dragons have horns, tails, and wings, right? They get pretty close to demons and demons as per a visual description. You got something against dragons, huh?

The goats CANNOT be the same as the angelic rebels at the time of Lucifer; they are apex predators, but trust me, they’re NEITHER so malicious NOR so deadly! They ate only grass and spent their lives on the prairies, forests, and mountains! 

If you Satanists are so fuckin’ proud of your leftist movement against the Republican Party, then what’s wrong with the stoned figurines of fallen angels, huh? I’m telling you, you’re a fucking weirdo, and you knew it!