Police Brutality In November 2018

FOR THE SAKE OF TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: Don’t assume I’m still in court. It was officially stated that this criminal case was closed in 2019. This reading material is provided for educational research purposes. Right now, nobody is conducting a judicial inquiry into me. None of this is ever documented by the police, by lawyers, or by prosecutors. Everything has come to an end and is complete. I wasn’t even imprisoned in a jail cell. 


To Judge Daniel Brown,

Your Honor,

My name is Da’Shawn Marques Owens, and I’m from the St. Louis area in Missouri. 26 years old. 

The following incident was my testimonial account of the police brutality on November 2, 2018.  I respectfully offer you this courtesy from my written perspective. It’s possible that my complaint will NOT be considered the same as two male police officers with my mother and the emergency medical worker. Those are four eyewitnesses that spoke out against me. I’m NOT siding with them. They are NEITHER siding with me. My sense of discomfort is that they don’t agree to share my perspective like I do. As a result, I am defending myself in front of you alone because I have NO alibi or NO ONE by my side.

On November 2, 2018, you made aware of my previous address in Hanley Hills, Missouri. My mother, Mistress Kimrala Poe, is currently estranged from her husband, Mister Larry Poe. And you’ll soon learn how I got there with her at the address. 

My mother started sleeping in her bed on the home’s first floor at 1904 Driftway Drive in Hanley Hills. I slept in the basement of this home for almost one year in 2018. During my time there, I agreed to pay $300 a month. I’ve spent in cash from my Social Security Income. The property in question is NEITHER mine NOR Mrs. Poe’s. In 2018, we were both tenants and payers of the Satifya Taylor property.  This address at Hanley Hills is lawfully owned by Satifya Taylor and her husband. 

Unfortunately, I don’t even remember her husband’s name when I moved in with my mother. However, the mother of Mrs. Taylor, Denise Taylor, knew me pretty well through my former classmate, Lequisha Joseph. I’ve known her since childhood. But you see, Denise Taylor has been my mother’s best friend since 2004. Satifya Taylor, that’s also the aunt of my classmate. These are three women as to whom I know.

Lequisha and I are both DEAF has been the result of hearing losses in our ears forever. We only communicate in American Sign Language. We were both students at the Missouri School of the Deaf in Fulton, Missouri.

 Satifya and her husband are the two parents of three sons, one of which is a twin. They had recently moved out of their home at 1904 Driftway Drive to a new address in Collinsville, Illinois. They left Hanley Hills. From what I’ve heard, Satifya has two properties in Collinsville and Hanley Hills, considered bi-state residences. I believe it was probably the radioactive waste that had already poisoned the underground water and sewer systems of Bridgeton, Missouri.  In December 2017, I assume they had to evacuate Hanley Hills as soon as possible. The result was that they decided to convert the property and become landlords to increase their income for personal gain.

 However, my mother, Kimrala Poe, had expressed her concerns about Mrs. Taylor that she appeared immoral in her attempts to take advantage of tenants in Hanley Hills.

I’m NOT to blame for the abuse of power. Instead, it was Mrs. Taylor, and she was the only one involved with my mom about overwhelming debts and rent payments.


Thanks to my testimony, you now know who those tenants are.

The incident occurred on November 2, 2018, as per the Hanley Hills police report. No matter how different we were, Mrs. Kimrala Poe and I were having trouble getting along. When we lived at 1904 Driftway Drive, we had many disagreements that quickly escalated into physical abuse against each other, which was a toxic relationship. If you’re wondering why we’ve always argued that it ended up as domestic violence, consider this:

Mrs. Poe came home from work one Thursday evening in October 2018 and unhappily came to me.

Mrs. Poe: “I have terrible news to share with you.”

That was the beginning of the end of October 2018. 

Shawn: “Can you tell me what this is about?” 

Mrs. Taylor ridiculously DEMANDED my mother to pay a thousand dollars in the next few weeks, as she recently told me. So my mother decided that she’d STOP paying the rent in November 2018. Mrs. Poe was deeply displeased with the cost of the rent and said that nobody could afford it. 

My mother also found out that our landlord, Mrs. Taylor, didn’t have a real job in Collinsville, Illinois. Mrs. Poe referred to her as a “greedy-ass woman” that takes advantage of her low-income earnings from two work sources. All of what my mother had was TWO JOBS! She was working a lot! Still can’t afford the rent in advance! 

As her son, I don’t have any jobs. I was fired recently from working at Amazon Warehouse on June 27th, 2018. I was living off the Social Security Income. 

One of my mother’s jobs was as a security guard for the United States Postal Service facility at the Downtown Saint Louis and an overnight security guard at a downtown bank. My mother was unsurprisingly UNDERPAID, and NO ONE even promoted her senior positions.

This is why I thought it’s grossly inappropriate for our landlord to DEMAND $1,000 in rent. For what?! Mrs. Taylor needs a thousand dollars for her family without having a permanent job or for anything else she’s FOOLISHLY spent her money on.

Mrs. Poe and I used to pay $700 on the first day of each month, and that was our agreement with the landlord. My mother and Mrs. Taylor were yelling furiously at each other over the phone. Precisely the type of disagreement that ultimately led to informing my mother and me as two tenants. That we MUST vacate this property in three months ahead! 

That was the same day my mother gave me the “bad news” because she fell out with the landlord. And yet, she was also lying right to my face about getting us a new apartment together!

The next day I realized she didn’t want me to live with her; she lied! At first, she said she’ll get us an apartment together.

On the second day of November 2018, Mrs. Poe changed her mind unexpectedly somehow! She was a very different woman on that day. I hated it when she changed her mind out of the blue! Now she says she won’t help me find a new place to live, saying,”You’d have to do it yourself.” I completely disagree with her. So, our conflicts of plans suddenly turned into a very loud altercation and including aggressive arguments. We both yelled at one another in the wake of moving out. I already told her I was NOT really surprised that she doesn’t want me to live with her at the new address. I knew she gonna lie anyway. It’s unsurprising, really.  I got very upset that she says she doesn’t care if I ended up being homeless. 

For any clarifications, nobody has FORCED me to live with her. Not always, no. I didn’t live alongside Mrs. Poe in a tight-knit relationship. I can be independent all by myself, but this situation was supposed to be temporary.

In the year 2017, I lived alone on my own. I had my own apartment at that time. I used to stay at my previous address: 4164 Folsom Ave Unit E. It was nearby Vandeventer Road & Tower Grove Avenue, and Folsom Avenue is across from Klemm Road. My apartment is about one mile behind Saint Louis University hospitals and centers, a bit far away from 39th Street. I have lived in that area for the last 5 years since August 2013. I managed to pay bills without my mother’s assistance, but I couldn’t afford other bills I was being owed to. Efthim Realty used to be my landlord agency for about half two years. In 2015, my next-door tenants complained so much about Efthim that led to another new agency, referred to as DECA COMPANY REALTY, became my landlords.

DECA COMPANY and I RARELY get along as we had a lot of conflicts of interest that were often seen in our emails and phone conversations. When I said “on the phone,” I was really referring to the videophone that I was using via my Android phone (prepaid mobiles). I used the videophone on my laptop, including the TV, which was equipped with a specialized technology only available to deaf people. While it appears to be the video chat as a social media application, it’s NOT intended to be used with social media accounts. It’s still the app for deaf people or American Sign Language users. I can download an app on Google Play and then call directly. But you see, if you want to contact anyone over the phone, you would have to go through interpreters. Deaf people only see interpreters in a video webcam instead of the audible speakers with a sound. The voice you will hear on the phone will NOT be me, but you’ll listen to the voice of an interpreter.

Those apps can be downloaded in Google Play that are Sorenson, P3, or Convo VRS. They’re all the same, but with different menu choices, features, and technologies that deaf people opt to use individually. Hopefully, that will help you understand. 

DECA COMPANY is made up of greedy collectors of cash that I ever met in my mid-20s. Mrs. Satifya Taylor has also been financially greedy, but she’s NOT with DECA. It’s about her house. My point here is… DECA and I had an email argument about the basement in my apartment. They wouldn’t allow me to use the washing machines for my dirty clothes in my own apartment. They told me to go to the public use for the laundromat, but it was too far from where I live. 

That’s why I decided to leave Folsom Avenue and move in with my mother in Hanley Hills.  So I don’t need to do business with DECA anymore. Mrs. Taylor became my new landlord. 

Several weeks after Christmas at this new home in January 2018, Kim and I immediately stopped getting along in the same house. We’ve fought verbally and sometimes done with domestic violence. We started blaming one another and at each other’s throats over petty problems. These misdemeanors and silly conflicts between us should’ve been appropriately solved instead of going further down the rabbit hole. But that’s what happened. It was too late to make it right.


Mrs. Poe doesn’t have a healthy taste in men during her multiple romantic encounters and sex life, and that’s one of the worst flaws in her character. 

One of her ex-boyfriends was named Durand Dotson, who identified himself as bisexual. But you see, the problem is, my sexual orientation caused my mother to stop trusting me. She basically warned me that if I was going to have sex with Durand Dotson, she’d be pissed at me. I would never do anything like this to hurt my mother’s reputation. So I made fun of her because she was so blindly devoted to her unproven delusions and illusions of me acting discretely and having secret affairs with Mr. Dotson. I laugh at her every time she says that because she’s totally insane and paranoid! Mrs. Poe felt that my mocking smiles were secretly designed to make her suffer that I had sex with Durand behind her back.

No, she’s psychologically wrong on multiple counts! Mr. Dotson and I’ve never had sexual contact! I didn’t do it to hurt my mother’s feelings. Why would I do something like that?!

Mr. Dotson had come to help my mother relocate her personal belongings to 1904 Driftway Drive in his big blue van, and when he arrived at Hanley Hills in our house. Mr. Dotson looked at me weirdly, and I didn’t know why he was looking at me like that. I didn’t realize it then, but it was that unusual look he gave me that also raised my mother’s suspicions. She was under the impression that I would do anything like that to humiliate her. She claims that Mr. Dotson had a keen interest in me. Little did you know, he was well-known for being a womanizer and fornicating with anyone that he felt was appropriate. That’s his famous reputation. He likes to sleep with everyone!

 Since I was five, I have historically known him, but he wasn’t always there for me when I needed him to be my father figure. Even though I was already in my late twenties, Mr. Dotson became a paranoid factor in my mother’s mind. Mrs. Poe claims that he wants to include me as one of his sexual partners on his bucket list because I’m an adult now, and she believes this must be true. At the time, I had my doubts about these accusations she made against me. She also said that she had already threatened him, stating that it would be the last straw in her vendetta against him: “This is my son!” As Mrs. Poe puts it directly, adding that she would never let her boyfriend deliberately ignore her personal boundaries of being my mother. Mr. Dotson endowed his lack of clear understanding of the importance of personal boundaries. She said she’d easily disown me if I was discovered having sex with him in her bed! 

These were her words, NOT mine! 

Unfortunately for my mother, she doesn’t have a piece of INSUFFICIENT evidence against me since Mr. Dotson NEVER once lived in our house. He was sexually involved with my mother for many years, but NOT with me!

Durand Dotson was NEVER one of my favorites because I don’t care about him. He’s NOT even my type. He doesn’t appeal to me that much. I know what I see in men when I see someone. Trust me, I know what the kind of person I’m. Trust me, I’m NOT like that!

As of December 2017, I have NEITHER seen NOR heard ever again from Mr. Dotson! My mom FALSELY accused me of having sexual intercourse with him. She claims to have seen the first signs of my strange behavior, which included smiling, laughing, or giggling like a silly schoolgirl! She also said that I walked bizarrely as if I had just finished fornicating with someone. Like, for example, I was about to fall, but struggling to keep my feet straight, you know? Mrs. Poe angrily exclaimed that she’d NEVER seen me in such an outlandish outfit before. She says, “It’s like you’re wearing your boyfriend’s clothes! Or you got clothes from someone! I don’t recognize you as my son; your looks have changed so much ever since! This behavior is beyond me!”

Trying to correct Mrs. Poe time and time again that already proved her ignorance to be a very irritating experience! Seriously! 

Shawn: “No, I’ve always been the same. This is just who I am! I cut the long sleeves of my sweaters to make them more resemble tank tops! I cut my blue jean pants in a way that made them look like summer shorts. That’s all there is to it, really!”

Mrs. Poe: “I see you are under Durand’s spell; he must be prostituting you!”

Shawn: “Never, no! The pimp lifestyle of Mr. Dotson didn’t have an effect on me, dumbass! I’m very happy to be interested in fashion. That’s how I figured it out by cutting pants and sweaters with scissors. I felt at home.”

Mrs. Poe: “You’re full of shit! You lying homo, you!”

Shawn: “Go buy some fucking surveillance equipment at the Best Buy store! You can start installing the cameras wherever you see exactly around the home. When you come back home from work, you’ll be able to review the evidence on your own!”

Mrs. Poe: I don’t have the time to start buying the stupid camera. I got no time for your bullshit!”

Mrs. Poe: “I don’t want you bugging me with questions about when I’m coming home or when I’m going to work. Please quit askin’ me that!”

Mrs. Poe: “Secret plans and schemes to do something behind my back while I’m not at home, and I fuckin’ knew it. I had the feeling you’d be able to bring Durand into my house. I ain’t that foolish enough to tell you what time I leave for work and what time I come back home every night! I knew by the time my personal stuff goes missing, it was because someone had stolen from my bedroom! I don’t doubt it, boy!”

Shawn: “But you always locked your bedroom door. How would someone break in and steal it?”

Mrs. Poe: “So? What do you care?!”

I always used to communicate with my mother by using sign language.

Shawn: “I always check the mailbox from inside the house by the front door. Leaving it a bit exposed to the outside air doesn’t seem to be detrimental.”

She yelled at me in a very aggressive way, but she didn’t use sign language. I had to read her lips.

Mrs. Poe: “Shut the mailbox! Now!”

I rolled my eyes at her in an unbelievable loathing and disgust at how paranoid she became.

The mailbox is now tightly closed as I was told to do that.

In her mind’s eye, she was led to believe that I’d secretly wait for him to use his flashlights to attract my attention via the mailbox linked to the home. The mailbox inside the wall by the front door serves as a hidden indication for her to sleep in her bedroom or go directly to work really late at night. So, Mr. Dotson would sneak in and walk downstairs to the basement so he could fuck me all night long.

AGAIN, untrue!

These irrational allegations she made against me are unfounded and unsubstantiated. This isn’t the first time my mother has accused me of having sex with Durand Dotson, NOR will it be the last. Mr. Dotson and I, from her point of view, took advantage of her emotional frailty to satisfy ourselves for some silly revenge. In reality, my mother is harming NOBODY but herself; she’s deluding herself WITHOUT any facts to support her claims. At the same time, she’s DOWNRIGHT being blinded by what she’s doing to hurt herself. I’m referring to her emotional well-being and the state of her mental illness!

Mrs. Poe took advantage of this by physically ambushing me to GRAB MY BUTTOCKSTESTICLES, and PENIS! She fingered my anus by force without my permission, even repeatedly her inappropriate actions. 

Mrs. Poe: “Take a look at yourself! It’s no surprise you’re downright bottom! You went doggy-style and let him fuck your ass on my bed! I know you’re fuckin’ him!”

Shawn: “As a matter of fact, I’m quite adaptable. I’m both sides of the fence. There are multiple sex positions on top and bottom. It makes no difference what I do when I fuck men. You know nothing about me!”

It also clearly indicates that she has the most LEAST understanding and knowledge of the sexual lifestyle of effeminate men or non-binary people. As seen by her poisonous mindset and prejudiced attitudes against me as a queer person. She simply tried to humiliate me by displaying childish mockery and inappropriate body language of my effeminacy or non-binary spectrum. Mrs. Poe has decided NOT to pursue formal education or research topics of gender identity and sexual orientation. She even claims she has an excessive amount of knowledge on taboo subjects. Really? Since when does she know so much?

Every time she sexually harassed me with her index finger going up my anus, all she accomplished was to bring me down to my lowest moment of self-esteem at worst! I couldn’t take any more of her bullshit! Now is the time to stop her from doing that to me! 

My temper flared up as soon as I started physically attacking her. I hit her. I slapped her face. As a result of her ridiculousness and sexual harassment, I couldn’t even begin to TOLERATE any emotional abuse from my mother! 

Mrs. Poe immediately leaves me and the physical altercations between us. I jumped into her room as fast as I could. Before slammin’ the door in my face! 

She was emotionally incited with bitterness and expressing loudly in Pidgin Signed English and the spelling of her fingers to my face!

Mrs. Poe: “I refuse to help you! You have to do it yourself! Why don’t you get Durand to help you find some new place to live? He’s the one sticking up your ass! Why don’t you ask your shitty boyfriend to help you if you’ve been keeping secrets from me this whole time! You’re welcome to live with him! What I don’t understand about you queers is how you can be so stupidly selfish! Why do fags come into my house without permission when I’m not here?!”

As I said, my hands visually speak to her as follows.

Shawn: “You don’t have any proof since you refused to purchase the surveillance equipment; it’s not my fault; it’s your problem! Stop manipulating my words to fit your narrative! You’re as neurotic as a fuck! Go and get a mental health check-up, for real this time!”

Mrs. Poe: “You must get the hell outta my room! Don’t make me crazy! One more time, you call me insane! I’ll kick you in the ass! You’ll be homeless on the street before you know it!” 

In the room where Mrs. Poe tried to slam the door in front of me, I quickly blocked the door and told her what I had to say.

Shawn: “You have to help me get my own place! Your older brothers and sisters (aunts and uncles) refused to talk to me and did absolutely nothing to help me! You’re the only one I got! I helped you move your stuff when you first arrived at this address? Of course I did! I’ve done so many things for you, and you still don’t want to help me! Please stop talking about my sex life! You got no proof! You don’t want to spend the money and time to install CCTV! None of this is my fault!”

Mrs. Poe psychologically ashamed me by poking her finger through my anus over and over again.

Her fingers were still in the hole of my buttocks, and she was talking so incredibly close to my face, so I could read her lips as she mouthed each word of the complete sentence.

Mrs. Poe: “Now, get off my door and tell your fucking boyfriend to help you get your own apartment! Move your ass! Leave me the fuck alone!”

She’s slammin’ the door across from me with a deafening sound.

I was already provoked by what she did to my buttocks and decided to take it out on her. 

My shoes knocked down the door till it snapped. Mrs. Poe seems to be completely stunned by the damaged door, while she opens her mouth with a great deal of disbelief. 

I grabbed one of her breasts with my right hand and squeezed it so painfully tight. Since she had sharply fingered my ass without my permission, I had no choice but to do that to her in the same way she wronged me. Because my mother had gone over the line without my permission, I taught her a hard-headed lesson in the process!

Don’t finger me, don’t slap my ass, don’t grab my crotch or anything down there with your hands! DON’T DO THAT! IT’S FUCKIN’ DISRESPECT! I’ll BREAK YOUR TITS IF YOU DON’t STOP!

My fingers began to violently twist one of Poe’s breasts as she screamed out of the physical pain that I caused her to suffer so badly hurt. I think I broke her boobs.

Shawn: “You can see how I’m feeling now! Feel my pain, you filthy rotten scumbag! You have a deep-level psychological impact on me! You still haven’t grasped the magnitude of your calamity!”

Actually, I began speaking incoherently in my deaf accent without saying anything meaningful. I have an eccentric accent that no one can understand, and I talk incoherently when I do. I wasn’t even able to communicate with her properly because of the wild-animal screams in my lungs. My facial expressions were carefully examined by my mother as if I were a psychopath from her viewpoint. I already knew perfectly well that she understood NOT a single part of one word of what I was saying exactly. NOT one sentence, maybe two. Even when it comes to signing language, that this is NOT the case. She could only comprehend 15 percent or less of what I told her, but I realized she couldn’t understand me when I began shrieking at her in a series of rages and rants.  Only then did she look at me like I was out of my mind. Since my mother is NOT deaf like me, she’s so profoundly confined to herself as a religious fanatic. 

Mrs. Poe has a tendency to misinterpret and misjudge everything I say to her because of our communication barriers between us alone. Her memory is slow and short! She has cognitive problems and is dyslexic. She doesn’t know the sound of my hands like I do! She’s NOT even very good at interpreting the facial expressions used by deaf people in American Sign Language, which is really embarrassing! 

Mrs. Poe has already failed her ASL course at the Florrisant Valley Community College in Saint Louis, Missouri. She has no intention of continuing her education there. My mother FALSELY ASSUMES that deaf people can read lips without being misinterpreted or misunderstood, which turned out to be inaccurate, false, and misinformed!

I could read the movements of the human mouth or reading lips at a rate of 15% or less. As far as communication skills are vocally concerned, I do have some limitations. Except I can’t hear every word coming out of your mouth! That’s NOT the way the world works in my cerebral cortex! 

Believe me when I say that a small-scale percentage of deaf people can easily read the specific movement of other people’s lips when talking, and even fewer can do it well. I repeat, there aren’t that many! The fact that everyone believes we have superpowers to use our eyes by reading all of the human mouths, which is a sort of misperception that severely impacts the everyday lives of deaf people, made me feel like I was living in a dangerous world. Lip-reading requires a significant time commitment spanning several hours! It takes a considerable amount of work and self-motivation! It’s NOT as charming as you imagine, and it’s NOT as easy as you think! We are NOT well-trained to perfectly distinguish between the various forms of oral movements, resulting in excruciating pain in my eyes!

I’m NOT having the best of days with my peripheral vision right now. How would I feel if I were to become legally blind 30 years or later?! What happens when I stop trying to read lips?! I knew my eyes weren’t going to last indefinitely!

During the time I was in the basement, Mrs. Poe called the cops on me.

Mrs. Poe EFFECTIVELY managed to prevent me from taking possession of her feminine breasts with my right hand. A few minutes after, I approached her for the first time. There was NO doubt in her mind that she was experiencing emotional upheaval at the time of the incident. She was shouting at me in Signed Exact English, which I understood.

Mrs. Poe: “Get the fuck away from me! I told you I’d help you get a new residence! I’m going to do it!”

Shawn: “Good! I’m going to go down to the basement and use my laptop to start searching for apartments online right now!”

Mrs. Poe couldn’t even begin to WAIT for me to leave her alone before I left her. As soon as I angrily walked away from her, I still could feel the harshness of the door slamming shut behind me. I imagine she must be locking it from the inside with such force that she doesn’t want me to open it ever AGAIN! Due to my hearing loss, I can’t even hear the slamming of the door behind me, but my body can feel its vibrating movements. My attention was effectively diverted away from what she would do next in her own play. When I entered the small-spaced kitchen, I mistakenly thought that she sobbed silently in her bed as I descended to my basement in my gratification. 

I logged into my PC laptop in my basement room and began typing immediately. I started Googling the names and listings of apartments under the search engines as long as I kept looking for them. I’m also unmistakably aware of my social security benefits that will NOT exceed $200 because this wasn’t even surprising that I couldn’t afford the rent!

As I said earlier, I lived alone in my apartment on Folsom Avenue in 2017. I usually paid the $375 rent through DECA REALTY COMPANY on my laptop, which was handy for me. 

During the time in the basement, I dazedly looked at my laptop screen in my unbridling thoughts of anger and disappointment. I realized later that every apartment in Saint Louis is a bit OVERPRICED! These rental prices go up above $375 per month! I didn’t stop searching for rental accommodation for less than $600 per month. That’s as much as I could afford on my welfare income!

UNFORTUNATELY, I didn’t have the best time to jot down the list of addresses that I would like to rent. This is because my search engines only take 10 or 15 minutes for two police officers to show up UNANNOUNCED in my basement! It was TOO LATE for me to complete my Internet research when the police came abruptly without my permission to interrupt me. I wasn’t fully prepared or expecting them to walk into my room, very alone inside! The encounter with the police was so confusingly bizarre and illogical that they were already in my bedroom. When I first saw the cops, I actually thought I was visually hallucinating! I NEVER noticed two muscular white men by the door until I realized they were only 6 feet away from me! 

I didn’t even think twice that my mother would deliberately call the cops on my ass, but she did it anyway! She was obviously NOT joking around when she sent them here to shield her skin from me. At the same time, I felt unsafe or uncomfortable when she started sexually harassing me with her index finger up my ass! Yet, two white policemen approach me silently from the right side in my peripheral vision, only being surprised by Mrs. Poe behind them. She was warily walking behind them for her protection. Her face was knowingly distrustful and cautious of my abusive behavior.

Well-played! You’re trying to play the victim card! How so unbelievably pathetic, hypocritical of you!

Two white men as police officers stopped walking a couple of inches away from me. They were also standing across from me in the presence of my bed, TV set, and the white table with my laptop still opened. I even scolded Mrs. Poe with confrontational feelings of anger and contempt. I couldn’t believe she knew about my discomfort and feelings toward the police, yet she used them against my will!  It was like slapping my face! 

But… That’s NOT the worst part of the experience I’ve had with the police brutality. The worst of it is that two police officers CALLOUSLY ask my mother to be a personal interpreter just for one night to communicate with them in American Sign Language. That’s because they don’t know how to use ASL since they were NEVER given the proper training to deal with perpetrators/criminals who also happened to be deaf. And they know I don’t hear ’em. It was also insulting and disrespectful for them to make decisions instead of asking me first. These two cops didn’t even consider my fundamental human rights. They’ve already given priority to their needs first before mine! 

NEVER ask my mother or a relative to interpret what the cops said in ASL. I didn’t trust her because I knew she would DISTORT and MISREPRESENT whatever I told her. That’s my statement against her. The cops can’t always rely on her to interpret everything they say!

I was shocked and disgusted that Mrs. Poe didn’t even try to educate them on American sign language or the Americans With Disabilities Act in front of me. She’d just already started interpreting without my permission! She already did it!  

Mrs. Poe: You need to go to DePaul right now.” 

She repeats what the cops say to her in my face!

Mrs. Poe: “You’re NOT under the arrest. You will NOT be thrown into jail. You’re NOT in our custody at this time, but you need to go to DePaul Hospital now.”

It’s EXACTLY what her hands say in Pidgin Signed English or Signed Exact English, according to Mrs. Poe.

One of the police officers scribbled a couple of words on a small white notepad that I read.  I shook my head in extreme dissatisfaction, asked them why they were doing it, what was happening, and why I needed to go to the hospital. I use my facial expressions and gestures toward the cops, but it’s not the actual ASL. I was just showing ’em my frustrations.

1 Cop: “Did you violently grab your mother’s breasts after knocking down the door with one of your shoes?”

If I remember correctly, to make me read his lips. It was still NOT consciously coherent at that time of lip-reading.

1 Cop: “Did you forcibly grab your mother’s breasts after you knocked down the door with one of your shoes?” 

It was then that I began to read his lips for a fleeting moment and a few glimpses. He used his hands gesticulating towards the center of his chest as a direct reference to the female breasts of Mrs. Poe, which he seemed to be alluding to.

I gave my nasty eyes to two white cops because I’m NOT a big fan of police brutality. My mistrust in police officers is caused by numerous histories, and a series of racist incidents in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. I’ve already seen the interminable images and videos of police brutality on social media platforms. I began to be highly concerned for my safety due to a possible threat to my life by the police since August 2014 (Mike Brown and Ferguson Riots)

I later decided that it was time for me to get straight to the point and tell them the truth about my mother! Hopefully, they’ll realize that it’s a waste of time to defend Mrs. Poe or take sides with her against me! 

Cop 2: “Does that sound right? Is this true?” 

As I read his lips carefully. 

I shook my head and said NO, but I don’t care if they believe me or not! I still DON’T trust these white cops!

When Mrs. Poe saw me saying NO in sign language, her angry red face was visibly shown. She immediately STOPPED translating my signed words in her voice while speaking orally to the police. It was the burning heat of the moment in the splitting second!

My NO response adversely affected her, so she reprimanded me with a vengeance for lying!

Mrs. Poe: “Yes, you did this to me! You trashed my boobs! You called me bitch!”

Shawn: “No, you called me a motherfucker, little shit, and faggot! Your fingers are all over my asshole! You ripped my dick off before you asked my permission! That’s why I trashed your your tits! You started it! You’re also accusing me of having slept with your ex-boyfriend!”

Two police officers stood there watching us scream at each other in a senseless manner, clearly NOT understanding what I said to her in sign language. They turned their heads to look at my mother for more clarity, but looking at me in both directions of two different voices! 

My whacking outrage was that Mrs. Poe decided to control how I said words in sign language in her own dialect instead of mine! My choice of words was already taken out of context, and she should be the one apologizing for misinterpretation! Just like that, she lied right in their faces! 

Mrs. Poe didn’t want them to know about her ex-boyfriend, Durand Dotson, so she didn’t mention him in the police investigation with them. So she said absolutely NOTHING about him in front of me as they watched and listened to her lies!   She just decided NOT to tell ’em the truth because she owed it to me!

Mrs. Poe wants two police officers to EXACTLY remember what she told them about me in three accusations listed below as a NUMBERED following:
  1. Using a powerful kick of legs and shoes to violently knock down the door where Mrs. Poe was in her bedroom.

2. Her breasts were ruthlessly tampered with and intentionally injured by her son.

3. Mrs. Poe was verbally referred to as a “BITCH” several times repeated.

This was the end of three allegations! It’s the only thing the two policemen heard from her mouth, not mine! They never listened to what I said because I couldn’t speak clearly so well. I never got a chance to write down, not even 10 minutes of my time with two cops questioning me. 

As I was trying to tell two police officers the truth about Mrs. Poe, they should be aware of five counts, both ACCUSED & EXPLAINED below in the numbered order as the following list:
  1. Mrs. Poe VERBALLY ACCUSED me of engaging in sexual acts with her ex-boyfriend, Durand Dotson
  2. Mrs. Poe sexually harassed me: fingering my rectum, smacking my butt, and groping my crotch without permission given to her!
  3. FAGGOT is a homophobic insult that has been made to me on several occasions recently.
  4. When she’s at work or away from home, she blames me repeatedly for hatching conspiracies hidden behind her back. Which is unproven and unfounded. She didn’t have any evidence against me.
  5. Mrs. Poe was promised to help me to find a new place to live alone. The next day, she changed her mind and lied to me. She said I must look for it on my own without her help! So I got mad.

I was greatly distressed as I tried to decipher the mouth movements of Mrs. Poe with my UNTRAINED eyes. At the same time, she protested angrily to the police, but to NO AVAIL, I couldn’t possibly know what she said! I had to scramble for a crumbling piece of paper on the white table behind me to start scrawling my pen as quickly as I could, but my handwriting was a sloppy jumble! My nervous hands trembled while trying to write entire sentences on it. Simultaneously, I showed this piece of paper to two police officers that Mrs. Poe was LYING!  I told ’em she slapped my butt and fingered my rectum on the paper! 

They read what I wrote, but they don’t seem to really care about my complaints! They seem to think Mrs. Poe was the real victim rather than seeing me as the victim! They THOUGHT I had set ’em up as a joke! The reason they don’t care about me is that I’m deaf!

Because of her privileged position among able-bodied people or ableists, two police officers blindly believed her as a victim! That’s called HEARING PRIVILEGE! Just because she decides to touch me inappropriately without my consent doesn’t necessarily mean she could get away with it! She’s not as innocent as she claims to be. If she’s gonna call the police on me, any type of sexual violation isn’t the best strategy to get there! You ought to know that!

Your Honor,

Judge Daniel Brown

I don’t usually TRUST people in general settings who are able-bodied to call the police on me. Now the cops are investigating this situation, and I HATED every minute of it! Even when the police arrived in my basement UNANNOUNCED-LY, I knew that Mrs. Poe still REFUSES to incriminate herself! I have to be the one doing the incrimination for her and be fully cooperative with the police investigation to satisfy her revenge! Mrs. Poe was busily preoccupied with preserving her reputation as a victim in the eyes of these two cops! I also TRIED very hard to persuade two policemen that she wasn’t as innocent as they were led to believe! Why am I the only one who knows this truth in the same room with the cops? Why me?!

Mrs. Kimrala Poe is NOT entirely deaf in the sense that I’m one myself! She’s able to HEAR and ORALLY SPEAKING in the same way that police officers do daily! Those in her immediate vicinity can readily communicate and exchange words on-demand, but… Me? Not really, no! People like her are 10 TIMES FASTER than deaf people who’ve used American Sign Language! When it comes to police officers, speaking with your voice is ten times quicker than writing on paper! 

I still DO blame my mother for being “Hearing Privileged” because of communication difficulties! It’s specifically intended for individuals who can HEAR and SPEAK in their natural language to enjoy that SPEECH ADVANTAGE! Others, like myself, don’t have the same sets of privileges in the eyes of police officers, and that still is a fact! We deaf people are considered to be less fortunate! PERIOD!

It’s NOT the first time there’s been a lack of communication. It WON’T be the last time. It’s always going to be the same obstacle in life! TIME, TIME, & TIME AGAIN! 

HURRIED to jot down another piece of paper torn from the white table while two police officers read it.

Shawn: “I REFUSE to accept responsibility for her actions against me if she still is only interested in feeling better about herself! She and I are both responsible for our own behavior! You better hold her accountable, too! Since you were planning on handcuffing me that I broke her boobs hours ago, why did she sexually harass me in the first place?! Just because you think I’m a man doesn’t make her behavior seem acceptable, or does it?! Huh?!

SAD TO SAY, I didn’t write exactly what I just told them on the torn paper as I would’ve liked at the exact moment! But I knew I communicated with them clearly, and hopefully, I did! I did my part! 

Two policemen had already become exceedingly BORED with me! They were already gettin’ IMPATIENTLY irritated with me ’cause they REFUSED  to read all of my messy handwriting! I guess I was gettin’ very, very chatty with THEM!

Shawn: “You can’t make me go to the Depaul hospital just because you want to! You don’t have no DAMN warrant!”

Two cops quietly chuckled at me like I was some kind of a retarded moron! One of them just mouthed words to my disappointed face without needing to write in the notepad.

2 Cop: “No, your mother has every right to contact the police at any time, so we’re here to find out what’s going on.” 

I’m pretty sure I haven’t read their lips right. I know I might be wrong, but this was the best I could do at the time of lip-reading. 

I also just started remembering that I angrily scrawled these words to them.

Shawn: “Look at her! Frisk her whole body! She has NONE of the wounds, scratches, NOR cuts on her skin! There’s NO blood on her, at least NOT that I can see!”

Because they NEVER said anything about checking on Mrs. Poe’s body, they don’t care if there are bruises or NOT! They just want me to STOP writing too much and still try to be encouraging me to go into the psychiatric ward at DePaul Hospital as soon as possible. Despite my profound disagreement with the orders they’ve already given me, I constantly resisted obeying them at every turn!


Three people argued with me in my bedroom, but then I realized we weren’t alone. At first, I thought I was alone with three people: Two law enforcement officers and Mrs. Poe. I was unexpectedly approached by someone I didn’t know. This white woman came into my peripheral vision for the first time. I mistakenly realized that it wasn’t a neighbor or a stranger. It turned out to be a blonde paramedic woman who worked for the emergency services in a transit van. I don’t even know her name, but I can see that this white woman had worn her EMT uniform with the color of midnight blue.

I had NO absolute idea how she got here in the first place! I didn’t know that she was listening to me arguing with three people! I didn’t even know she was already here with us until she showed her face! I didn’t hear her walking downstairs due to my disability!  Apparently, she quietly eavesdropped on our private conversations and became increasingly aware of my situation within 10 minutes already! EMT Woman had to INTERVENE and approached my mother in my room. She INSENISTIVELY asked her to pretend to be a professional interpreter WITHOUT my permission! 

I shook my head in an expression of disapproval and resentment. They won’t stop overlooking my frequent requests to get a REAL & PROFESSIONAL interpreter instead of using my mother like that! They didn’t feel like waiting for the real one because they wanted to go home as soon as possible when this was over! So they DISRESPECTFULLY used a family member against my simple request!

I also CROSSLY demanded Mrs. Poe to stop using her hands in American Sign Language. She unapologetically SNUBBED me without my given stamp of approval! I would NEVER, ever give my mother my fullest authority to interpret while having two cops and an EMT worker around me! She knew that her IGNORANCE would only exacerbate personal conflicts between these two cops and me! DEFINITELY NOT OK! 

According to the stated bylaws of the American With Disabilities Act, it is NOT best suitable for a family member or friend to serve as a personal interpreter in the case of domestic abuse. Being accompanied by non-qualified ASL interpreters is a violation of my human rights! Do NOT repeat the same error, Your Honor! 

Mrs. Poe should’ve warned the paramedics and the cops to bring in a legitimate communicator at home. It’s still NOT my fault that she contacted the cops in the first place. This means that she’s also responsible for making phone calls to 911 operators. The licensed interpreters should be present in the same room as me as these two cops were at the time! That’s exactly what the Americans With Disabilities Act is all about! Read it!

Direct contact with the national hotline of the Americans With Disabilities Act in the DIRECTORY of WHITE PAGES & YELLOW BOOKS, respectively. That should have been easy to find in a phone book! I know that these two police officers and the paramedical woman had the opportunity to do so earlier at the time of their arrival, but they chose NOT to! They could’ve done what was right, and yet they didn’t!

For your legal information, professional interpreters, unlike personal interpreters, are very NON-partisan. Professional interpreters aren’t allowed to give advice or opinions to the police about situations they find themselves in. They’ve been KNOWINGLY prohibited from taking sides among opposing parties in a conflict of interest under the written policies of their own agencies as to where they work. They’re also aware of the ADA procedure because they’re ALREADY TRAINED to work with deaf people. Families and friends are NOT trained that way!

Every deaf person has a right to say something through PROFESSIONAL INTERPRETER, no matter how crazy or ridiculous they seem to the police. PROFESSIONAL INTERPRETERS had to say EXACTLY what deaf people are actually saying in their own words. That’s why they were strictly following their job descriptions while they were being paid for it. 

However, I can’t speak of the same experience for PERSONAL CHOICES of interpreters if they happen to be family members or friends. Family or friend doesn’t mean they can get paid. They do volunteer work, but it doesn’t change the fact that they VIOLATE the ADA policy! Just because they’re freely available doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing! They’ll be more likely to commit errors in their actions, for example, by having BIASED opinions, ARGUMENTIVE conflicts of perspectives, and taking sides with one person against another or the other group of people in random incidents.

For this very reason, I will NOT recommend using relatives or friends to act voluntarily as an interpreter under these circumstances! Mrs. Poe does NOT have any knowledge of this ADA policy regarding this situation. She NEVER did her research or reached out to any deaf agencies on family abuse.

The Paramedic Woman abruptly INTERRUPTED me and then FORCED my mother to repeatedly translate each word of what she told her. My mother already started explaining it to me in Signed Exact English and through finger-spelling WITHOUT my permission! And that’s what happened at the time. It causes so many delays and misinformation!

Paramedic Woman: “Stop talking! You have two options at your availability as we speak now. You could either accompany me upstairs with no handcuffs all the way to the ambulance van outside your house, or you could be slapped on with metal shackles on your wrists being taken to DePaul hospital against your will, which is not what I would prefer. Which of the following options would you prefer tonight?”

My IQ is constantly INSULTED by the paramedic woman who treats me like I’m 5! I did defend my case by shaking my head, habitually reminding her that my mother had NEITHER visible signs of bruising, blood, NOR wounds seen on her skin. After that, I hastily scribbled on another torn piece of paper and handed it to the woman and two police officers, telling them that I had promised them that I wouldn’t do harm to Mrs. Poe again. I WON’T enjoy myself going through with breasts groping again.

Shawn: “I’ll be quiet all night, not paying attention to my mother, even though she’s still awake. I’ll be obsessively worried about new apartments on my laptop once she started leaving me alone and walking outside of my basement, so she doesn’t need to feel harassed. I’m not going to irritate her again in the kitchen, in the living room or in her bedroom. I don’t need to talk to her anyway!”

The heads of four people were jerking directly to the right and to the left at me. They CLEARLY didn’t believe a single word as I told them. They FALSELY assumed that I wasn’t reassuring them in their best interests.

Paramedic Woman: “It’s going to happen again unless you go to the hospital immediately. No one is asking for your permission.”

Shawn: “My mother should be thrown in jail for making false charges against me, but that’s not all she did! She fingered my rectum and fondled my crotch without my permission! She just wanted to degrade me for being gay.”

But I didn’t finish the complete sentence at the time of writing: She fingered my rectum and fondled my crotch without my permission! She just wanted to degrade me for being gay! I never finished writing this latter part. It’s the last two sentences I ever wanted to say to them.

Two police officers have completely LOST their patience with me and increasingly became LESS interested in what I told at every turn. They’ve already STOPPED reading what I had written on the torn pieces of paper. They felt it was a waste of time that it took them so long to complete the investigation for one night already. 

Two police officers RUDELY took my pen and paper after failing to convince them to reconsider this incident with my mother. Despite my protests and resistance, they’d already decided against my free will. They handcuffed me behind my back, which violates my human rights in the written policies of the Americans With the Disabilities Act. Those two cops aren’t supposed to cuff my wrists behind my back in a particular position. My hands should be facing me near the heart, chest, torsos! I don’t think they’re consciously aware of ADA policy at the time of my arrest.

Is it possible that these police officers were obliviously unaware of the extent to which deaf people fail to use sign language with their hands behind their backs? It’s against the law! 

They started ESCALATING with me for refusing to fully cooperate with them at every negotiation step to avoid getting arrested. Whereas I stubbornly resisted their orders to obey and comply with their choleric commands. Two police officers forcefully used their legs to run towards me and hopped on me as if we were on the squared mat of World Wrestling Entertainment! I knew I had to protect myself from being physically attacked! I bit their wrists with my teeth because that would stop them from trying to kill me!

Your Honor, I respectfully submit my complaint with all due respect because I don’t trust the racist cops with the fullest immunity, even if they’re recklessly breaking the law. I don’t have any exemptions against them WITHOUT winning a battle! I don’t know how to combat cops through clenched fists WITHOUT being taught to defend myself! How could I possibly win an already LOST match against two cops in my bedroom? 

For your information, I grew up with a single mother and raising alone WITHOUT a father figure in my entire life! I NEVER learned to throw fistfights up against a highly-trained person who takes part in boxing in a violent manner! I was frequently told that fathers were responsible for teaching their small boys how to use fists as a weapon against male opponents and dangerous people. NEVER learned this type of self-defense from anyone! I NEVER had the best time to find quick solutions in a split-second moment of escalation and chaos, but only to fight with my TEETH! If necessary! These two racist cops gave me NO alternative approach only when to protect myself on demand! It’s either them or me!

Do you HONESTLY believe that biting cops with my teeth is a red-flagging alert or a warning sign of mental illness? I mean, c’mon, really?! Imagine putting yourself in my shoes as a helpless deaf person with NONE of self-defense SKILLS! I felt so deadly threatened when confronting the police violence as a result of communication barriers!

NOPE! I irrefutably DISAGREE with the negative aspect of insanity for these following reasons: I’ll furiously fight against racist cops who think they can get away with the idea of savagely pummelling my face up and for the glories of strength and agility they enjoy! 

My teeth are my only ultimate line of defense at one advantage of this disastrous situation, so I’ll necessarily use whatever I see as a fit! When my teeth tore the skin off two cops, I didn’t even BOTHER to care how they felt! It wouldn’t make a single difference that I am about to be FATALLY SHOT by a darting speed of the bullet! And that’s precisely what it felt like to be bitten out of fear, but perhaps bitten out of cowardice!

Two police officers were already well-prepared to face any deadly assault that might be directly targeted at them! Even though I haven’t mastered self-defense techniques properly, in contrast to two cops that they’ve already had learned at the Police Academy! 

My teeth are the only way to develop an escape plan, running away from these two cops as fast as I could get out of the house! I’ve already thought of hiding myself somewhere in a wild forest for a temporary sanctuary to avoid being in a pending criminal sentence. However, I knew that this fugitive strategy wouldn’t succeed as I visualized it in the back of my head. No, it wouldn’t!

Even if my escape plan were successful, I would’ve been gunned down like a Thanksgiving deer from a visual standpoint of the racist policeman at a close range!

Two racist cops acted as though they were the official members of the Ultimate Fight Club. Who the hell do they think they are?! They constantly launched another series of five punches on my face and fist through my stomach! They even pounded me with such clenched fists that they mindlessly flipped my bed over onto the floor! My TV screen was facing down, snapping in two or more pieces of it!  Who’s gonna pay for the broken TV, huh! Turns out they don’t have any problem punishing me for using my teeth as self-defense. I can’t sue ’em for pushing me into my TV or destroying my personal stuff, but honestly, they deserved what they got! I assume that regardless of what they did me wrong, they are given the fullest immunity to NOT be convicted of mistreatment of personal belongings. These two cops are always entitled to their privileged status as they are well-protected by their friends who worked in high positions of power! They knew full well that they wouldn’t be held accountable for their damage to my personal property!

 $1,000 fines are beyond my understanding! I don’t see how that is relevant to tell me that my teeth shouldn’t be used for self-defense, even if I wanted to, right?! And why the hell should I pay $1,000 for the use of my teeth as a weapon? These racist cops will NEVER agree to pay for my TV or my bed! They enjoyed tormenting me because they felt so good about themselves! 

Two white men bawling at me with their outrageous demands.

“Get the fuck down!”


My peripheral vision got in the way because it was happening so fast! I got so much adrenaline pumping into my blood pressure. My brain cells thunderously inflamed and raged off neurological proportions in an unpleasant awakening! 

My eyes simply failed to understand what they exactly said since their lips were unable to be read by me. Yet, I noticed that their facial expressions were full of such hatred!

“Gettin’ the fuck down” is clearly seen in the mouth of the policeman at the time of lip-reading. But again, please don’t start asking me, “How would you know if they’re using the F-bombed word by lip-reading?” Good question, but please, I respectfully beg you NOT to ask me that. I don’t know how to answer that.  In all seriousness, don’t ask me!

Two flushing faces I looked at became so excessively red with the muscles of their lips resulting from high tension between them and me: police brutality

When someone makes a large hole in the mouth to start yelling angrily at me, I can see a tongue, teeth, and everything inside the mouth. Tongue, teeth, and mouth begin to move broadly, freely, and sometimes, slowly. Then it’s much simpler to interpret what people are actually saying in their own words. The only way I can figure out what they’re saying is by reading their lips. When those mouth movements talk so incredibly FAST with my untrained eyes. In that split-second moment of lip-reading, I can be positively LOST & OVERWHELMED

The most frustrating reading patterns on the lips are how much the human mouth can physically function in whispers, talking gibberish, or mumbling indistinctly to oneself! These clumsy observable examples of mouth movements are FAR MORE CHALLENGING to determine the correct visual interpretation. I have trouble deciphering the human mouth if it’s heavily covered by an adult beard, a missing piece of teeth, the grotesque color, or foul odor! They can be very disgusting, distracting, or unpleasant to look at! When the mouth’s movement happens, it can also be confusing, easily misunderstood, or inaccurately informed. 

You must remember that the ability to read lips is NOT a superpower that you found reading in comic books! Deaf people will NEVER have a radiographic vision of Superman in real life! It’s NOT comparatively exciting, as simple and easy as you would like to think! 

At times, my brain chemicals allow me to read lips with a complete understanding of complex paragraphs. Other times randomly, it keeps me from knowing a few simple words that cause a long delay in my brain! Sometimes I can’t read lips when some people refrain from speaking in profane language or swearing! 

My brain itself must be biologically functioning in mysterious ways that I’m NOT capable of understanding myself! I DOUBTFULLY knew that I could pretend to understand what exact words two police officers would say without using any profanity.  I frequently ask myself, what kind of appropriate words would they have used if avoided saying the line of “gettin’ the f down”?

I obediently lay my body down on the ground after lip-reading as one of the police officers screams, “Gettin’ the fuck down on the floor!” My arms UNWILLINGLY stretched out over the dirty floor to obey the hostile orders of two police officers that loomed above me. 

They were so incredibly energetic towards me with steel-toed boots that hit me in the head! These boots probably tried splashing down my head like a dead cockroach on the dirty floor! I felt like my head was about to be torn up into countless pieces of meat on the floor! I could’ve been neurologically damaged or succumbed to a vegetative state of comatose sleeping!

I just started cooperating with two racist cops at the last moment when they put the stun gun on my back! They don’t even bother to begin caring that I’m taught to obey at the very last minute! I succeeded in pushing them to almost tase me. Yeah. I know I’ve gone too far with my teeth to bite them, but I still don’t trust them because they’re white!

Two of them were forcefully holding the taser in the middle of my backbone behind me at the point of no return. Initially, I thought it was a handgun in my back! I would’ve been executed to death on eyesight, just as Darren Wilson brutally murdered Michael Brown in August 2014! I also thought about the SWAT squad that killed Isaiah Hammett in June 2017. I kept seeing the repeated visions of the police van that the police officer was driving irresponsibly, negligently, at full speed. That they killed Freddie Gray in cold blood as a result of a brain injury! Black people kept getting murdered every damn day, just like I saw on TV, Facebook, and YouTube!

Two white police officers kneeling deep in the middle of my back and my head, I found myself facing down the floor! They were still menacing me with a Taser gun on my back! They were constantly staring at me with malicious intent. But at the same time, I wasn’t physically electrified yet, or at least NOT at that time of escalation. With my hands pulling behind my back, they had to ensure that I stayed put on the floor as long as I was manhandled. They WON’T even let me think of trying to fight my way out. 

One of these two cops slapped down the coldness of the silver cuffs on my wrists, which was pretty much terrifying as hell for me since I was so used to my hands being warm! I felt as if these handcuffs had sharpened teeth with needle-like incisors of the SHARK! They were eating at the lines of my wrists as if they were sawn away from me! I’ve been given the flesh-eating handcuffs!

Two white cops made sure the cuffs were intensely tight to keep me under their control and locked up behind my back. Two cops pulled me out of my bedroom like a stuffed rag doll against my will and dragged me away without walking! What I couldn’t believe was that it had already happened right now! They forcibly carried me upstairs, where they took me from the kitchen to the living room and then eventually exiting the front door to the outdoor lawn. 

I was brutally thrown into the ambulance van and shoved my entire body onto a stretcher by the paramedics. My wrists and lower legs were closely squeezing together and wrapped around by a paramedic and two white policemen. For example, they appeared to have captured a rat living in a cramped environment of darkness! I’m nothing to them! My ankles and wrists became very rigid and painful, and I had a lot of inflamed pains in my hands. Because at that time, I had sensory system symptoms in my feet that caused numbness and loss of contact with physical objects. Just as I predicted to be completely numb! Disturbing sensations of pain in my wrists and feet would’ve caused me to slowly pass out or DIED right there in the ambulance van! 

That nightmarish experience took me THREE WEEKS to fully recover from the throbbing pain in the muscles and bones! Not kidding!

They MERCILESSLY ABANDONED me in the emergency van outside the house for about TWO HOURS! They left me alone in the van to rot! I didn’t even go to the hospital right away, but I had to stay put inside the van that long! I haven’t left my home yet, not yet! I had to wait for the police report to be finalized before being transported to the DePaul Hospital in a Saint Charles area.

Two police officers were busily WRITING ME UP on laptops in their police squads while paying NO attention to me as I was strapped tightly to the stretcher. 

You know what they did during the two hours that I was in the ambulance van?!

Two police officers and the blonde woman just spent two hours chatting together! They were ACTUALLY joking around, laughing, and flirting sensually with one another ON THEIR DUTIES! They couldn’t even wait to do that when this duty was over at home, but they did that in front of me! DISGUSTING! I don’t want to be trapped in the van while watching them flirting with one another! I don’t want to be the one cuckolding them!

That’s because they had the pleasure of humiliating me for TWO HOURS! At the same time, they already had my hands and feet trapped in the stretcher for TWO HOURS! They already had the freedom to decide what they wanted to do for TWO HOURS!

I’ve been trying for TWO HOURS to get their attention! I had to shout at them to let them know that I wanted to get off the stretcher! These two police officers and the blonde woman should’ve finished taking me to the DePaul Hospital TWO HOURS AGO! I didn’t want to stay on the stretcher for TWO HOURS! They were disrespectfully IGNORING me!

The blonde woman scolded me when I tried getting hold of her attention, and she turned to me by saying, “shut the fuck up, nigger” right in my face. While she was still conversing and flirting with a young rookie police officer in front of me!

Three people FINALLY came into the van with me after spending TWO HOURS waiting in the street opposite my home while I was detained. Three people I saw were the Paramedic Blonde Woman, a male driver, and the dirty blond-haired Young Rookie Cop. That’s the rookie cop who ended up supervising me during the transportation to DePaul Hospital to make sure I wasn’t hurting anyone. 

The blonde paramedic woman PITILESSLY MOCKED my deaf accent while they transported me to DePaul Hospital. I reprimanded her for playing psychological games with me!

Paramedic Woman: “What the fuck did you say, nigger? I have no idea what you’re saying! You sound like a retard!”


DePaul Hospital near Saint Charles

After getting out of the ambulance van on the stretcher, I was already sent to the DePaul Hospital emergency room. The Young Rookie Cop and Paramedic Woman worked relentlessly against my free will to get me into the hospital building! 

Two police officers, the same men from my basement, returned to check on me to see if I was still being violent with anyone after I arrived at the hospital. They put me on the empty bed, as my right wrist was repeatedly handcuffed to the railing bed on the right side. The room that they put me in was already vacant a bit longer before I got there. Two cops decided to keep tabs on me because they still didn’t trust me. They were keenly suspicious of me for being black! They assumed that I would commit another criminal act against hospital personnel, such as doctors and nurses! Since I was alone at the hospital with three cops watching me, we were surrounded by the hospital staff! They knew that one cop wasn’t good enough for safety and protecting them from me. I was still on the bed with my right hand in a tight cuff that was kept against my will! What more do they need from me?! 

The Paramedic Blonde Woman even proudly boasted about me to her colleagues among the members of the EMT team in the emergency room. I bet she told them the funny story of how she strapped me to the stretcher in the van like she won the jackpot! Probably thought this incident was too hilarious to her, but I didn’t find it humorous like she did! No matter how the paramedic woman felt about me in the worst possible way, I can tell you that she doesn’t know me very well! She’s DOWNRIGHT BIGOTED if she thought the worst of me. I hated how she INACCURATELY JUDGED and THROWING SHADE at me about my racial identity, mental health, and so on! She’ll always be POORLY MISINFORMED about who I am, my mental health, and life experiences! This racist woman has NO ABSOLUTE IDEA at all! 

I started communicating with one of the emergency staff that worked in the emergency room. It had been approximately 45 minutes since my arrival. I told him on the paper as I wrote that I wanted him to free me from my right hand in the handcuff by the right side of the bed. This white man with glasses and dark hair started writing to me and nonverbally posed the following question.

Male Nurse: “Are you going to be violent with me? If you continue to act aggressively with hospital personnel, then I won’t UNCUFF you. We’re still feeling distrust and fear of you.”

I assured him that I wasn’t really in the mood to commit any criminal acts against him with a shake of my head. 

Shawn: “I’m capable of controlling myself; I’m not going to screw it up. Let me ask you, though, what would you do to me if you still think I’m violent?”

He wrote to me in return for his candid response, as a deadpan expression visibly seen on his face.

Male Nurse: “Well, I’ll SEDATE your ass.”

Ugh! I was forced to swallow my pride! I cheerlessly nodded to let him know that I understood the risk of getting sedated that I would have to take if I became a threat to them. Then I gave him my word as a compromising bargain of our agreement. 

Three male police officers went back home or wherever they were on their following service line three hours later. At DePaul Hospital, it was just the medical staff and me for a while, and then they moved me into another room where everybody could take turns to watch me in plain sight. 

I met a 5-foot/4 inch black woman in her 40s who arrived so late at 10 PM.  She briefly told me in American Sign Language that she would be my interpreter and that she was the daughter of deaf parents. I had no idea she was CODA back then. She agreed to stay with me for the next five hours until the psychologist evaluated me. It wasn’t until 2 AM in the morning that a white female therapist finally showed up to see me in the private room with the curtains closed.  She came to see how I was coping and to evaluate my mental health status.

By the time I told her EVERYTHING about what had happened at 1904 Driftway Drive, she had begun to empathize with me and engage in a continuous conversation with me through an ASL interpreter. I had to clarify that to her right away since she had constantly questioned me about why I ended up in the emergency room at the DePaul Hospital.

After I completed detailing why I ended up in the emergency room, this woman had her final response to me as she suggested her ideas. 

White Female Therapist: “The best way to protect yourself next time is to bring your phone with you. At the same time, any type of video equipment must be used to gather evidence of what happened under any conditions. In the future, it will be much easier to pass on the information to law enforcement authorities as needed. Show them that you were both victims of verbal abuse and incest and that you were cleared of sexual relations with men in your basement. Your mother should avoid touching your buttocks, especially your anus, as this could cause trauma to be re-triggered. At the same time, she accused you of having sexual intercourse with her ex-boyfriend without providing any evidence to support her allegations. It doesn’t look good for her.”

I spoke to the psychologist in sign language, which was also interpreted by the black interpreter.

Shawn: “Yeah. That’s good to know, but I have no phone! I can’t even afford to buy a new phone right now. I keep paying my overdue bills. I don’t have the funds or the time to buy another one to prove it. Nobody will believe me now that I’m deaf! Words come out of my mouth would be seen as heresy by the police. The police depend solely on what they hear; they don’t want to question me first. They won’t talk to me until they hear what those complaints have to say about me, and that’s it! They can understand my mother as she’s able to communicate verbally using her spoken language rather than sign language! They can understand her just fine than my hands talking! It would be impossible for the police to comprehend me if I attempted to imitate someone with my voice. What I’m getting at is that she took advantage of my speech problems just because she was preoccupied with her own safety! She believes my disability puts her at risk, which is untrue. She benefits from her hearing privilege to convince the cops with her lies! I felt confident that she was going to do this again! I believed she would do it again in the future!”

White Woman Therapist: “Hmm… I see…”

Shawn: “Instead of buying another phone because I was robbed at work or on the bus two years ago. Two times a year, I lost my phone. I realized that I lacked energy by trying to keep up with the annual upgrades of new phones. In the end, I was the victim of many more thefts, and my phones were misplaced in various places. I’m starting to get tired and sick of buying new ones, so I’m not buying anymore! But guess what? It wasn’t until I met you, as I had no idea why and how necessary it is to have a phone when it is beneficial, according to what you have just informed me. That also explains why I had so much trouble with the justice system this year. On April 2, 2018, I was arrested and jailed 24 hours. You know, I do seriously think that I’ve had enough difficult times in my life.”

Your Honor, Judge Daniel Brown

I offer my conclusion to assist you in understanding the three charges made against me. Here is a list of my discoveries reading below:

Mistress Kimrala Poe (my mother), an emergency medical worker (the blonde woman), and two police officers (men) did NOT fulfill their responsibilities by notifying the ADA national hotline of my demand! This information could’ve been used publicly and obtained from the phone number of Yellow Books or the White Pages, as an example. They FAILED to respond to my simple requests for the most basic human rights because I wanted to have an American Sign Language interpreter in the presence of the police officers. This request for the interpreter isn’t new, and it has already been developed per the Americans with Disabilities Act policy and bylaw procedures since 1990. Although it’s NOT legally necessary, it should be used as mandatory, in my preferred opinion. The fact is that only a small number of police officers use the ADA hotline, but not that many would use it. On the other contrast viewpoint, both the deaf communities and ASL interpreters strongly support this practice by contacting the ADA helpline. So, in a nutshell, my mother, the paramedic staff, and two police officers all BREACHED my disability rights to have a live interpreter at present with me! The interpreter was supposed to be there for me when the police were investigating and interrogating me!

Your Honor, Your Honor, maybe you should consider drafting a bill for the Missouri government, talking to your legislators, and seeing if you can get it passed. I don’t have the power to make laws the way you do, Your Honor! I still can’t convince the House of Representatives and the Senate to hope that this bill of rights would be considered and voted on by the House of Representatives and Senate. This concept has the most tremendous potential to save the lives of many who are deaf, including mine!You should try creating a bill for the Missouri government in the City of Jefferson, talking to your lawmakers, so you can make it happen! I do NOT have the power to write bills or submit these ideas to the House of Representatives and Senators, hoping that they would have voted on this bill. This idea could save many lives of deaf people like me!

  1. The fact is that two police officers pulled my hands behind my back in handcuffs when my hands should have been in front of my chest was another violation of my disability rights! When I visited Paraquad and Deaf, Inc, I completed my research for my personal knowledge. Through social media accounts, I also gained knowledge from other disability organizations, not just in Missouri but in all 50 states. Most disability organizations repeatedly stated that police were NOT allowed to put handcuffs on deaf people at the back or behind them.
  2. Police officers are encouraged and required to have ASL interpreters on a demand call at the crime scene and any other scenario where they’re invited. This is NOT a standard demand but rather a set of terms and conditions in a legal way. If you would like to learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rights of deaf persons, please contact the specialists by phone, as well as disability rights groups.
  3. Mrs. Poe attacked my disability rights by pretending to be an interpreter, along with the Code of Ethics, in the most scandalous manner! Unless she can provide legal qualifications and credentials, she is NOT allowed to pose as an ASL interpreter! She did NOT finish her diploma at the Florrisant Valley Community College to pursue a career as a certified professional interpreter! In front of the paramedic woman and two white cops, I didn’t authorize her to use sign language or represent me! I NEVER did! 
  4. You and I both know my mother was the one calling the police on me in the first place! Thus she shouldn’t be using ASL to ignore my demands in this situation. That is absolutely wrong! It’s also her responsibility to find an interpreter for me! 
The law says you must have an interpreter if you are arrested for a felony or misdemeanor (Breaking The Law-including a traffic violation). You should not talk, write, or sign any papers, except to demand a certified interpreter and lawyer. Tell the officer or court to look up this law "Code of Criminal Procedure."

Federal Law Number 504 (For Deaf People)

Please be aware of the seriousness of this situation, Your Honor. The result of a misunderstanding can have been tragic, with numerous unforeseen consequences. If only it had been preventable, it would have been!

Your Honor, if you’re not too concerned with educating Mrs. Kimrala Poe, please forcibly instruct her to refrain from using sign language while the police were on our property. My own boundaries of interpreting American Sign Language are at odds with her lack of knowledge. She has no right to allow a police officer to ask for communication methods without my permission. If you ask me to use my mother, I’ll just say NO, and NO again! How would you feel if your nemesis disrespectfully interpreted your words against you without your stamp of approval? In this particular case, this is a flagrant infringement of my ADA rights!

But as far as I’m concerned, what I can say about what happened after the incident at home and after speaking with the therapist at the hospital at 2 AM. I went home in a taxi cab and then… READ BELOW:

Mrs. Poe and I secretly left Hanley Hills without informing Mrs. Taylor of our whereabouts during the Thanksgiving week, right before the start of December 2018. Mrs. Taylor made cyber-bullying threats to my mother on Facebook that her husband would shoot her in the head if she didn’t stop harassing her about the rent. Mrs. Taylor also says that she’ll be consulting with one of her lawyers to initiate a lawsuit against Mrs. Poe. But you see, it’s got nothing to do with this disgusting incestuous crime that my mother committed against me! Also, don’t forget that you should take this subject of incest under your investigation during the recent death threat from Mrs. Taylor. It may assist you in determining the current status of my crimes against my mother, as I know she sexually harassed me without my permission.

Your Honor, if you rightfully overturn the charges per the police report that I was accused of. I hope it will reduce a possible long sentence as you planned to punish me on February 6, 2019, at 2:30 PM.

I found my new home in the Forest Park Apartments on Delmar Blvd after discontinuing to live at my previous address at 1904 Driftway Drive of Hanley Hills in December 2018.

As of January 2019, my permanent address is 5461 Delmar Blvd, as I write this document right now. Forest Park Apartments is the official name of the rental building where my second floor upstairs is found in the numbered door, 213

How do I plead? Guilty or not guilty? With all due respect, I am NOT guilty, Your Honor. I don’t believe I should be seen as guilty of unsuccessfully negotiating with two police officers before the situation became tense between us, but it did escalate into violence. It was way too late for that! The fact that I tried to stop my mother from using sign language in front of two cops and an EMT worker! I feel THE LACK OF GUILT for appropriately interfering with my mother’s use of sign language without my stamp of approval. Why do I have to feel guilty?  CANNOT be guilty as charged simply because they violated the ADA policy.

They refused to provide me the real interpreter that I needed! I have already told my mother, two cops, and the paramedic woman so many times: WHERE IS THE PROFESSIONAL INTERPRETER? They could’ve avoided all of this if she had contacted the ADA’s national hotline and requested an ASL interpreter on my demand! You see, they mistakenly believed that it was ACCEPTABLE TO IGNORE my most fundamental rights disrespectfully. Hence, the result was that they provoked me. 

For this very reason, police violence creates racism and ableism in the United States alone! Police brutality is the historically repeated result of ignorance which has always given me doubts and mistrust in those cops during the encounter. You have now kept all the information I’ve provided you, so it’s NOT going to be the first time you’ve heard my story! Believe me, you will listen to many horror stories from Americans with Disabilities in your life. This is NOT the first time, and it will definitely NOT be the last time this story has been told! These ongoing problems you heard before will repeat themselves again and again if NOBODY willingly listens! I’m begging you to take my words with seriousness.

Thank you for taking your time to read, Your Honor!

Fact-Checkers: Judge Daniel Brown didn’t actually read every single word that I already had written, which I had feared. He stated that there was NO need for him to read many blocks of paragraphs in my statement against Mrs. Poe as it was regarded as the taboo subject of what she did to me. The judge simply suggested that I be tried in a mental health court rather than a criminal court, which I initially rejected. But he insisted on having me tried in mental health court, so I reluctantly agreed to take it under his advice. He said it was the only way we could drop the lawsuit. I managed to survive six months of mental health court in 2019, and all charges were successfully withdrawn because I followed instructions. It’s a done deal!