Obituary of Sandra Owens

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Sandra Owens

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Obituary of Sandra Owens

Sandra Owens was born on July 13, 1943, and died on October 22, 2020. Her most recent residential place was at 3114 Franklin Avenue, Apt 414. She passed away in the Saint Louis University hospital while in the custody of the Intensive Care Unit due to diabetes and not enough drinking water. She loves drinking Pepsi soda every day. She doesn’t drink much water as the doctor recommended that later caused her death.
While she was alive, her nickname was Sonia. She had a High school/GED level and used to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. Her parents, who gave her life in 1943, were the names she remembered telling stories of her life, Roena Marble-Webster (her mother) and James Webster (her father).

Her mother died when she was only 18 years old, she had two elder sisters, but they have different fathers and one same mother. At the age of 13, she got married to LeAndra Owens with 4 children, whose names still exist today: Toni (daughter), Andrea (only one son), Nikita, and Lorraine (other two daughters). And so, at the age of 28, Sandra had given birth to the twin siblings, Kimrala (daughter) and Kayira (another son). She has 4 daughters and two sons.

Sandra grew up in Caruthersville, Missouri. She worked in her mother’s restaurant as a cook, a cashier, and a waitress. As a small child, before hitting puberty, she loved playing “Cowboys and Indians” with her neighbor by making mud pies. Her nephew, Roy, is older than Sandra because her elder sister was in the ‘30s while she was in her preteens. Roy played practical jokes on her. Sandra would also travel to New Orleans, Louisiana, to visit her biological father down there in the South.
For most of her life as motherhood, Sandra was a party-goer, gambler of Casino boats, classy fashion stylist, sassy-attituded, and a lover of horror movies, but also enjoying Black Culture on TV in her bedroom. She would never leave the house without looking right and put something on her hair. Everyone enjoyed eating her sweet potatoes, pies, and greens because she learned from her mother’s recipe in the restaurant where she grew up.

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She is only survived by her nephew and youngest niece, Roy Richardson, and Elaine, from 2020 until the present. Her Children Who Attended Her Funeral: Toni Williams, Andrea Owens, Nikita Carter, Lorrena Owens-Jamerson, Kimrala Owens, Kayira Owens.
She is also survived by her grandchildren: Esteban Webster, Jerome Williams, Gerrard Bell, Tiffany Owens, Malcolm Owens, Kaseem Carter, Roosevelt Gilmore, Fernandez Jennings, DeAngelo Jennings, Derenzo Jennings, Nikita Williams, Roberto Galvin, Tacoma Payne, Da’Shawn Owens (me!), Alexis Owens, and 14 great-grandchildren.

Best friend Betty Smith and her favorite nurse Steve went to her funeral.
I miss you, granny!