Colleen Is Still At Paraquad, Inc. & Nobody Is Gonna Fire Her Racist Ass Over What Happened With Dr. Chand

This video blog mainly addresses Colleen’s cyberbullying behavior and racial discrimination against Nisha Fullmoon Chand. Interesting Facts: Colleen used to be her boss, Nisha, to work for her at Paraquad, Inc. It’s an awfully long story between two women. This video will analyze Colleen’s bizarre grudges against Nisha.

00:04 (waving at you!) Hello! This is me; my name is Da’Shawn Owens.

00:10 I — (thinking) Anyways… Finished with my name, now, putting that aside for the moment.

00:13 You already know who I’m, right? I hated the introductions every single time on YouTube!

00:15 Recently, you might have seen my previous YouTube vlog about Colleen Eagan Burdiss.


00:21 She is BLOCKING me on Facebook! I want to INFORM you of new updates: I had spoken to Colleen’s boss at Paraquad, Inc.

00:33 Her name is Kimberly. I have difficulty communicating with her because the quality of my webcam device in the APPLE laptop is blurry, freezing, and glitchy. I tried my best to keep up with Kimberly as long as we talked on the Video Phone.

00:43 But… I know it doesn’t matter to you as I still got the information from the Video Phone interpreter. That’s good enough because this interpreter can hear what Kimberly really said.

00:46 Kimberly (finger-spelling) said she finished — (paused) “investigating” — Really – Not really did her research, but she did review — um. The bylaw policies of Paraquad, Inc. She did a review of cyberbullying or HIPPA violations on Social Media/The Internet.

01:01 While reviewing those guidelines and policies, Kimberly told me that she only had seen the comment of “you’re a murderer” towards Nisha Fullmoon Chand.


01:15 You already know what Colleen said by poking fun at Nisha. So, that! I called her out –she is fuckin’ a racist. Again, I only had seen Colleen as WHITE and other women on Facebook, also, WHITE!

01:27 All other women who criticized Nisha, only a small number of men who don’t like Nisha on Facebook. I NOTICED most of them are white. Where are black people, Asians, Indigenous, or POC? They should’ve been there, but I SEE NO ONE!

01:47 You wonder, right? Isn’t that a bit curious and odd? That’s why I assume Colleen and her flying monkeys being racists towards Nisha on Facebook.

01:51 People on Facebook kept telling me, “NO! Colleen ain’t no racist! She can’t be! No, no! She just loves animals.” Well, just to let you know, I DON’T CARE about Colleen’s love for animals. That’s not the point of my video blog!

02:03 My point is… Colleen needs to think twice before blurting it out of her mouth on Facebook! She’s just too much of “unnecessary harassment” to my friend.

02:15 I know Colleen loves to brag about her trophy wins as if capturing the biggest sizable fish in her hands to show the world that she can destroy you at one time then the next on her list.

02:18 Now you know why I called her out on Facebook. And — secondly — um (thinking). I already took screenshots of her comments on Facebook in my computer files as I told Kimberly I could show her the evidence.

02:28 Kimberly told me, “no,” and is NOT interested in seeing the screenshots as “evidence.” Kimberly said she just looked at Colleen’s comments, and that’s all she ever did!

02:33 Kimberly sighed and said, “Well, from what I’ve seen on Facebook, Colleen didn’t say the N-word, but the murderer word is all I see. From my understanding, this is just between two women. It is not really related to the ethic codes in Paraquad. I don’t feel that she violated the confidential rights of Paraquad Inc.”

02:41 I told her on the video phone, “Yeah, I know, but still, Colleen and Nisha used to work together at Paraquad, Inc. That’s how they knew each other from the past. It’s considered to be “relating to work” because Colleen never takes her liking to Nisha since 2008.

02:56 Colleen still holds her grudges against her since 2008! I felt like Colleen is looking for retaliation against Nisha every time she sees her on Facebook.

03:13 I know Nisha has her own flaws and personal problems. She’s not that perfect. She makes mistakes like everyone! I’ve known Nisha since 2013, I don’t see her as an animal abuser, no! That’s not who I’m looking at!

03:24 I don’t really remember seeing Nisha use the knife to attempt attacking or making threats against anyone in her animal-based services.

03:36 I don’t really remember seeing my friend beating up or kicking her animal pets as I disagree with her enemies.

03:49 That’s not how I remembered my friend while working for her. This is not her.

03:54 When Colleen saw Nisha on KSDK News on TV, she decided to get involved and made matters worse for her! Colleen should’ve stayed away from the mess Nisha is in. If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself!

04:02 It’s neither her business nor her problems to get involved. Colleen should focus on spending her energy with what she’s doing at home or at work, or whatever shit in her life!

04:08 Luckily, Colleen still has her job at Paraquad, Inc, her boss wouldn’t fire her racist ass. I told Kimberly, “Colleen blocks me on Facebook because she used to be my case manager. So, she made her personal boundaries around me, and I understood that. Ironically, why didn’t Colleen block my friend on Facebook, too?”

04:34 IF YOU HATE HER SO MUCH, what’s wrong with the Facebook menu you have on your phone? Is that hard to block Nisha, no? This is what I don’t understand about you!

04:43 There are a lot of things she could’ve done better than verbally attacking my friend. Nisha should’ve had blocked her on Facebook the same way Colleen blocked me! I still can’t figure out why they can’t block each other in the first place. That is another weirdest part of my vlog right here!

04:55 So, what’s the point of having dramatic arguments in the first place, anyway? Why waste time arguing with somebody you don’t like? If I were Nisha, I would block C from the beginning of time. If I were the C lady, I would do the same. I would’ve ignored her, why bother?

05:05 Whatever their beef going on is, that ain’t gonna fix any shit! Colleen won’t get along with Nisha on Facebook as they both wasted time on all that mess. So, you see, to me, this is ridiculously stupid!

05:21 This is why I felt this fire is unnecessarily crazy, like a wildfire rage in California forest. I don’t care if people on Facebook have different opinions, but at the same time, I understood that people in Missouri have had serious issues with Nisha in the past. I know her for 5 years now.

05:46 Nisha had been helping me to go back to school, college, and in many ways, I didn’t know about myself and taught me about animals. I kept learning new things from her every day. Guess what? Let me tell you something.

I was in Iorek-Skaat since August 2013.

06:01 I didn’t want to join the “Iorek-Skaat” at first, not really, no. Can you guess who convinced me to join? My mother!

06:10 Did you know Nisha didn’t want me to work with me? She didn’t want me when I first met her, I wasn’t aware of what was going on with the previous non-profit business. That previous one she was in is already shut down and became forgotten in early summer 2013, then in August, Iorek-Skaat became the new name.

06:21 Between 2011 and 2013, I wasn’t there with Deaf people when all the chaos broke loose. I wasn’t there at that time. I was new in August 2013. She said she recently started over from scratch with a new name of a non-profit business.

06:33 I was the only Deaf person in the Iorek-Skaat because Nisha stopped recruiting deaf volunteers after the old one in early 2013. She only wanted to work with hearing volunteers.

06:42 My mother heard about Nisha for the first time with 7 college degrees by studying for 22 years as she was beyond impressed by her academic intelligence! She begged Nisha, “Please help my son to go back to school! He just dropped out of two colleges recently in Spring 2012 and Fall 2012. My son got depressed and stopped wanting to go back to school because he didn’t feel like it.”

07:12 Nisha heard her and agreed that I shouldn’t give up on academic performances. I recalled pretending to listen because I didn’t care. I was too caught up in my own shit. My mother begged me to stay at Iorek-Skaat because she thought Nisha would help me enroll in the school.

07:20 My mother wants her to be my role model for going back to school. Nisha told my mother, “I can’t accept him as a volunteer to work with me.” My mother wouldn’t stop harassing her until Nisha reluctantly accepted me. She said, “Ok! I’ll help him.”

07:33 Nisha wasn’t nice to me at first, no. All we did is take time to get to know each other, let our relationship grow one time a day. Many months later, Nisha started seeing the hidden gem-potentials and talent in me.

07:42 Nisha said, “I didn’t know that you have unseen skills.” Why? BJC and other mental health services don’t think I can be successful in the future. They always doubted me.

07:48 Who do you think someone advocated for me? Who?! Can you tell me the name? NISHA! She believed in me. She has many ideas for me and be like, “I think you should be a lawyer, and why not?” “What about this one?” “Why don’t you just give it a try?” She kept challenging me to do something I never have thought of before.

08:05 Nisha is the only woman who saw hidden gems in me, nobody else. Not even from the Deaf community, no! Not many people believed in me, not really, no. Who do you think someone believes in me? Can you tell me the name? NISHA!

08:15 Now you know why I’m defending Nisha on Facebook! I do have her back when she has my back. No one did defend her as she defends me. The deaf community in Missouri really hates my guts and never liked me. They won’t help me.

08:27 Nisha went to Paraquad, Inc for me to meet with Vocational Rehab counselor Emily Borgel, Colleen Burdiss, and Irvine Stewart. She went there for me. She defended me while no one believed in me.

These three people come from three different agencies in Missouri that specialize in the deaf community of Saint Louis, Missouri. Irvine Stewart, Emily Borgel, and Colleen Burdiss never believed I had any talent or hidden gemstones. Nisha was the only one who believed in me when the meeting took place at the Paraquad, Inc. She was defending me at that meeting. Nisha tried to convince those three people about my hard-working skills, but neither believed her nor me!

08:37 If not for Nisha, I wouldn’t have succeeded without her. I NEVER forget what Nisha did for me. I can’t just backstab her on Facebook. I can’t. Of course, we all know how Nisha is. We all know Nisha has her own personal issues, but at the same time, she did what she thought was best for me. So, I felt happy and satisfied with what she did for me.

08:59 I’m not really scared of Nisha, no. That’s not the point. I can leave her or quit Iorek-Skaat at any time I want to. I decided to come back to help to volunteer again because she needs my support.

09:10 She did support me many times, so I did her several favors. This is how I repaid and thanked her with my respect. Do you get it now? Well, I hope you see what I’m trying to say.

09:18 Oooohhh!!! One more thing! Hey, the C lady! If you’re watching this! Watch it or not, I don’t care. On top of all problems, you should be “more careful” on social media. I don’t care if you still have your job at Paraquad, Inc.

09:34 You need to think twice before making any comments on Facebook or any social media platform. You always look for something bad. I know your style. I know how exactly you are.

09:43 You tended to be aggressively outspoken, and that doesn’t make you look good as a racist, but if you want to share your disagreements, dislikes, and frustrations, that is fine by me.

09:52 Your goal was to cause so much conflict between your friends and her. You try to get people hating her when you called her a “murderer.” You’ve already gone across the line!

10:04 You’ve already gone the way too far! You need to tone down now! No wonder you became afraid of talking to me when I called you out on that word “murderer,” and that’s why you blocked me.

10:15 You knew you were wrong to call her a “murderer!” That could damage people’s reputations and images of who they are. Words do hurt! Still need to tone down your vocabulary!

10:23 If anyone reads what you said online, they can report you. It’s not my fault that you got fired for that. You’re fortunate I can’t report because you already block me really fast. I have no way to punish you online.

10:37 I couldn’t screen-record everything you do or what you say on social media, especially on Facebook! It doesn’t mean I forget what happened. But from now on, I’d be ready when I have to, or if I happen to contact you on the video phone, I’ll set up the camera on you.

10:53 Just in case you say something offensive, I would know and use it against you. Please think carefully as many times as you can. I remembered you telling me 5 years ago.

11:05 “Hey! Don’t post this on social media! Bad idea!” That’s kinda funny because you’re doing the same thing now. I was your client at that time, and you were my caseworker. You always taught your clients what to do and what not to do.

11:12 Our roles are now reverse cyber-bullying, which is totally weird! You’re the hypocrite who instructs the clients not to comment on social media when you do the same in reality! If you knew what’s not appropriate to say on social media, then why are you lying to your clients?

11:36 That made no damn sense! You’re the dishonest person I ever met! You, also, ain’t that good at being professional! You are bad for business! What is the most surprising part is… Your boss and Paraquad decided to keep you on the job.

11:48 I’m like, okay, that is weird. I guess we’d have to wait and see until you fuck up. Next time you fucked up, I knew I was right! I wouldn’t be surprised if your racist ass got fired.

11:59 Who knows what’s going to happen next? Wait and see! Trust me, you can’t shock me. PEACE OUT!!!