Phillipe Cunningham is Such A Hypocritical TRAITOR

Phillipe Cunningham is Such A Hypocritical TRAITOR

After reading Phillipe’s first interview on, I have many conflicting emotions about his interracial marriage to Lane Cunningham while proudly serving as a local politician in Minnesota.

I have ZERO problems with Phillipe as a city councilor in his hometown. However, my only problem with him is that he was wrongfully married to a strictly hidden racist I met many years ago.

After seeing your husband on the CNN news channel, my stomach is rearing its ugly head as numbness and a total shock!

So much so that the idea of Lane Cunningham is happily walking down the red carpet with him. Seeing him wrapped around his husband’s shoulders or working as an assistant to Phillipe on local television news made me shudder at that thought. I’m NOT sure I can keep pretending that everything’s rainbows and colorful about their marriage. I can’t simply get over the fact of Phillipe’s marriage to Lane. I doubt I’ll ever be able to completely erase my memories of his racist husband from the Republican State of Missouri where I grew up because of the several interactions I’ve had with him on Facebook and other social media platforms.


Before you start reading my loud-mouthed rants, hold on to that thought for a moment. Don’t jump to any conclusions until you do your homework. Hold it right there! First and foremost, I want everyone on the Internet to be aware that I’m NOT a transphobic online troll who tries to demean trans people or individuals who identify as transgender. I’m NOT the type of person who’s against trans people. If Phillipe or Lane tells you that, don’t believe them, at least because Phillipe is now officially a “national figure” in the government’s eyes.

That doesn’t sound as great as it needs to be.

Someone who doesn’t know me well enough over the Internet shouldn’t assume I’m transphobic! When I say I have NO issue with who you are, it doesn’t imply I’ll NOT have a problem with your conduct and how you treat me. I’ll call your problematic ass out if anything is wrong with your behavior and won’t say anything isn’t true. I’ll admit that I was very uneducated in my sketchy past, but guess what? I continue to evolve and unlearn bad habits every day. I’m still growing. If you want me to take responsibility for what I did, that’s fine; I’m NOT perfect either. I’m sure you have a lot to say about me, or perhaps you have nothing to say because it doesn’t make any difference to me anyway!

I ain’t gonna pretend that I was the only antagonist on this WordPress. If I’m the only one getting blamed, I can’t be immediately responsible for everything that happened. I don’t care who doesn’t say it. I do say! The two parties are both at fault, not one person at fault in the first place!

That’s NOT how I see it! NOPE!

I’m NOT good at forgiving. People can’t expect me to forgive and forget ’cause I ain’t the forgiving type! I’ve become a cold and insensitive bitch, but this is how I protect myself against toxicity and exploitation.

I just came by to tell you the truth about what happened on Twitter between Phillipe and me. I snuck into his Direct Messages and said to him that Lane Cunningham is NOT “who you think he is.” I bet he’s got some different profiles and accounts under Twitter. Still, his raccoon husband didn’t want to hear it and wasted ZERO time blocking me on Twitter before I realized that.

The last time I saw Lane was in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Phillipe NEVER even asked me if my mental health was doing all right after my encounter with Lane in June 2014.

As fAR AS I’m concerned, Lane owed me an apology! He should’ve been honest about how he treated me! What happened could’ve been a lot more productive! He already made his decision A LONG TIME AGO! he thought of me when we met twice in Saint Louis, Missouri! I can’t recall how Lane and I became such bitter adversaries. I THINK it’s about him, not me!

I informed Phillipe via Twitter Direct Messages that I had a toxic past with his married partner before he moved to Minnesota. Lane Cunningham has been my former social worker at the Missouri School for the Deaf throughout my time there, but he did NOTHING for me there. I mean, NOT precisely in direct physical contact. Still, Lane worked for Becky-Beck, a lesbian boss at L.E.A.D. Institute in Columbia, Missouri. It took a bit more time before she became his employer. It’s a fact that the residential school has privately hired Becky-Beck to deal with the mental health of Deaf children during my time.


Becky-Beck is deeply committed to the Deaf community in Colombia and the surrounding Jefferson City and Fulton areas. Perhaps she took Lane under her wing because they’re both gay. When Becky-Beck phoned in her cold illness at my school, I didn’t recall any of my scheduled appointments with Lane in the Student Services Building. I’m NOT sure if that’s the reason. He may have felt more comfortable working with her since the agency is LGBT-friendly, and that’s how I looked back at it. I don’t know if Lane was an intern student at the University of Missouri and then moved to another state. I have NO idea who he was at the time because we NEVER made contact again after I graduated from Wheeler High School. Maybe we were both distracted by our life goals somewhere along the years.

Don’t ask me why everyone called HER “Becky-Beck.” That’s her name, but it means ZERO to me! I.T.’s none of my business, anyway!

I also remember seeing Lane at Teen Institute, a summer camp in Missouri where I participated.

That’s me in the Teen Institute summer camp!

I don’t even try to recall whether or not we talked at the time. Still, I saw Lane working with Deaf children in both summer camp and counseling services, and I think he was playing team tags because that was my last memory of him being like that. I’m saying that Lane has always been very familiar with American Sign Language. I’m the only deaf person in the LGBT CENTER, which was partially problematic.

On Facebook, I found out late that Lane was a former LGBT CENTER SAINT LOUIS member, which I found curious and unexpected. I had NO idea that he was in St. Louis in 2014. I last saw him in early 2011. I thought he was still working with Becky-Beck (LEAD INSTITUTE) at Columbia, Missouri.

On June 29, 2014, I was briefly stunned to see Lane Cunningham again at the Downtown Saint Louis Pride Festival for the second time. I first mistook him for being my interpreter because I saw Lane taking several things out of the shoebox: L.G.B.T. Brochures, HIV/AIDS awareness booklets, stickers, pins, condoms, and maybe sweet-tooth candies, among other items relating to the Pride Festival. Lane went directly into the tent of the LGBT CENTER, where I briefly worked with other volunteers a couple of hours before noon.

I was going to ask him about the LEAD Institute, but I was met with a total absence of his welcome, warmth, or any other positive thing to say when Lane saw me.

“I didn’t come here because of you,” he told me after first spotting me.

I could tell he was trying so hard to get away from me as if he suddenly regretted meeting me. Lane blatantly pretended that he didn’t know my name around random strangers while we were in the tent at the downtown park next to the court buildings.

“’I’m only here looking after myself. You must get an interpreter if you want someone to represent you.” 

Lane NEVER tried to help me with my volunteering at the tent of LGBT CENTER for several hours of the day because he REFUSED to engage with me in sign language. Lane said “NO” to my face when I asked him if he was interested, silently walking away from me. I realized he was NOT a very good translator. Still, I was planning on using him free of charge, even when I told him I was more than happy to help him improve his visual aid skills in sign language. I’m NO expert, but I just wanted to get to know him. That’s it.

It’s NOT like I’m suffocating him TO THE DEATH. RIGHT?

I know Lane was NOT even interested in volunteering to be my personal interpreter, but I asked him just one tiny bit of favor, just one! My silly requests shouldn’t cost him that much because I was always available for him as a friend! I had many pleasures and benefits from sharing my knowledge of sign language with others, even strangers who haven’t officially learned about the Deaf Culture.

I’ve been trying to be patient with him these last few days in June 2014, as much as I can, but he always seemed to avoid me around these people he’s associated with.


I don’t mind him being a trans man, but the only problem I got with him was how he treated me then. I felt deeply hurt by what had happened because I was looking forward to working with Lane!

I really did, man!

I want to know him personally because I have given him many chances to get to know me, but he always denied me! I NEVER knew what he was thinking of me at that time. Lane could have been ashamed to tell these members of L.G.B.T. Center that he was my former social worker, but I guess he enjoys making friends with someone he feels comfortable with.


When I went online to observe Lane, I saw that several of his closest friends were Deaf, and I still had ZERO ideas of what he saw in them that he met online. Maybe he cares more about those people than he does about me; I don’t know what was happening inside his head then!

Every time I posted something on Facebook, Lane secretly read the whole thing because I could tell he didn’t like what I wrote. He sneakily scolded me and challenged my intelligence mercilessly. He has his qualms about me and secretly mocked my academic intellect, accusing me publicly of a logical fallacy that he thinks I have.

Whenever I slid into Lane’s Facebook Direct Messages, he was silent. NO words came out of his keyboard when I hit the ENTER. He’s a man of few words who didn’t want to engage me in a conversation with him, so I left him alone for quite a while!

He’s been saying NOTHING to me for decades since June 2014!

I promised him that I wasn’t aggressively stalking him forever, but I suggested that we should build a healthy construction of a “middle ground” between us. I wanted him to see that I’m NOT his opponent, but for some reason, he has his trustworthy difficulties with someone from the Deaf Community in Missouri, which is incredibly insane!

I don’t even know what happened to him in the LEAD Institute or why he left Missouri, but I don’t care! I still have ZERO ideas of whatever it was, and he NEVER tells me himself! I know it wasn’t a result of my actions that made him stop working with the Deaf kids.


Lane Cunningham could be a closeted racist or surdophobe that later formed in my over-racing thoughts years later. I tried making sense of what happened between him and me. Perhaps he didn’t like Deaf Black Men in his sexual preference, so I became frustratingly sick of his bullshit, but at the same time, I couldn’t figure out where my relationship went wrong.

I’m NOT sure why I didn’t call him out on Facebook years ago, so don’t ask me why I didn’t, okay? I bet that you think I should, right? Until then, I found out Lane was married to some black guy named Phillipe in Minnesota.

WHAT?! I THOUGHT THIS to myself.

As a result of my unexpected discovery, I decided to tell Phillipe that Lane racially profiled me in Missouri. I was instantly banned from his Twitter account after telling him that Phillipe declined to respond without taking me seriously!

I found it hilarious to read Phillipe’s tweets WHINING loudly about Minnesota racists in his hometown while he lives there. Really?

Irony much?!

Was Phillipe aware he was married to one of those racists in his hometown? Huh? I think Lane has some odd fascination with him for some reason.

My residential school, the Teen Institute (Summer Camp), and the LGBT CENTER in Saint Louis were where I met him! Why did Phillipe ignore me when I told him the truth? What did he think of my accusations when he blocked me on Twitter? It seems a bit odd that he cannot recognize his husband’s discriminatory behavior targets me. I honestly didn’t think there would be any misunderstanding between Phillipe and me, or was it?

Listen to me carefully before you start jumping to a false conclusion!

I happily applauded Phillipe’s tireless commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement and his advocacy for Trans Folks of Color. It’s nice to hear so much good news about him on the Internet! I’m glad for him! Seriously, I do! 

The fallout between Lane and me is so fuckin’ weird that he suddenly became an ally to B.L.M. Movement in Minnesota State! It’s mind-boggling that he’s an ally now! But…

Where did that allyship come from?

Lane hasn’t told me many ages ago. He’s always been supportive of me simply because I’m black! And I couldn’t help but wonder if he only fetishizes him as a sex object! That’s why it was so fuckin’ weird to see him marry a black man…

I had NO information about him from Black Deaf people who had positive things to say. I NEVER had him by my side as an ally! He’s NOT even friends with the Saint Louis Metro Black Deaf Advocates! He NEVER helped to advocate for my family or me, NOT ever! I NEVER had his help in high school, at the Teen Institute, or in Saint Louis! I NEVER saw him speaking out against racists in front of me!

As far AS I’m concerned, I haven’t seen him TALKING ABOUT THE ANTI-racism! NOT ONCE!

When Lane arrived in Minnesota, he proudly lied to everyone he later made friends with that NOBODY knew his racist past in Missouri!

Just because you moved to your new home doesn’t automatically mean you’re a white savior!

You’re a fake ally, LANE! 

I NEVER saw your white husband do something that would keep me from going to jail in handcuffs. What makes you think Lane should be on your political platform? I’ve been trying to understand for several years now! How DARE he call himself an ally of the black community when he has done absolutely NOTHING for me? Where was he during the Ferguson riots and protests against police brutality in August 2014? Did you know that Mike Brown died on the night of your husband’s birthday? Where was he on that day?!


Please, Councilman Phillipe, please listen to my warnings if you read this. Don’t do this to yourself if I were you. Don’t take him to the red carpet with you in live-streaming appearances. That’s one of many racist problems I’m NOT %100 comfortable with! It deeply triggered me to see him standing next to you because Lane doesn’t deserve to be on your political platform! He’s NOT the man I remembered at the 2014 Pride Festival! I’m NOT letting the media gaslight me to think he is an ally to black people!

NOT only that, but he PROUDLY insulted my intelligence on Facebook. I can’t believe you immediately see him as a white savior of the Black Lives Matter movement because I categorically rejected him!

Pull him out now!

Keep your racist husband away from your activism! I don’t give a flying fuck that he is your sweetheart! I don’t care if he is your personal cheerleader! I don’t care how many times he proudly screams your name from backstage! Don’t even think about capitalizing on Lane’s white privileges to amplify your voice!

Don’t be a fool! Don’t let yourself be exploited as a tokenism to gaslight the black community in Minnesota! 

Don’t You Dare! You’re making a Huge Mistake!

You’re probably going to aggressively defend your racist husband by now. I would’ve been totally embarrassed by your traitorous protection of him!

By now, you should learn that I don’t take kindly to hypocrites and traitorous raccoons! I just can’t! I won’t pay a single dime for your future campaigns as a presidential candidate that you married the racist!

I don’t want to visually picture Lane Cunningham as the First Trans Husband of the United States! If you’re NOT divorcing him, I would NEVER vote for you as the president! Why him?! You realize you’re protecting his racist past, right?

If Lane Cunningham was going to be in his CNN interview one day and decided to lie about his racist past in Missouri. I’d call his racist ass out because I knew he didn’t even try to fight against the racism in Missouri during my time in the boarding school!