American Deaf Culture Have A Crazy Crossover With Harry Potter’s World


American Deaf Culture Have A Crazy Crossover With Harry Potter’s World

Deaf American fans of the Harry Potter series are fiercely committed, but if you are one of them, please consider the following 12 reasons:

Dark Lords

Death Eaters









Hogwarts School of Wizardry & Witchcraft

Quidditch & Triwizard Tournament

This is where Nyle should say 12 things.

I had a deliciously good laugh at my callous criticism of Nyle DiMarco’s YouTube video. Why? It was highly due to his absence of any accurate facts on Harry Potter! I thought that he should’ve already done better than that! I mean, c’mon! 

You know as well as I do that I don’t necessarily despise him. I don’t, though.

 Tyra Banks quoted her words as airing on the TV reality competition of America’s Next Top Model by saying that Nyle proved the world wrong that deaf people can kick ass like anybody else. I agreed with Tyra on the “kicking ass” quote, of course! I don’t have problems with Nyle DiMarco as an activist for his biggest generous support of the deaf people and the use of sign languages. Well, good for him! So… Congratulations! 

Unfortunately, I don’t know how much he knows about the wizarding world where Harry Potter grew up in. I don’t think that he knows. Or did he? Recently, after seeing the Nyle YouTube video, in my opinion, he was NOT impressively good at disseminating information on popular culture topics. Nyle should’ve had shared far more information with his HEARING fans as he was strongly well-aware of the complexities of the Deaf Culture in the United States alone!

1: Dark lords
Gellert Grindewald (played by Johnny Depp)

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Gellert Grindelwald (played by Johnny Depp) was considering one of the most dangerous Dark Wizards in the late 1940s but is second only to Lord Voldemort in Wizarding History.

Alexander Graham Bell

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Deaf America’s number one enemy is Alexander Graham Bell and is no different than Gellert Grindelwald in a Newt Scamander film series. Why? A.G. Bell was infamously known for his hatred towards the community of American Sign Language. This discrimination is the biggestt truestory that happened in the early twentieth century, which took place in the period pieces.

Dr. Bell STRONGLY INDOCTRINATED everyone with his conspiracy theories/beliefs while visiting governmental buildings in the United States of America for as long as he lived. He diligently toured all over the 50 States in each one to stop “hiring” Deaf people (who were already licensed and competently qualified) from working in boarding schools with deaf children. He BANNED both the deaf children and adults to use American Sign Language or promoted them to work for the government! Not kidding! 

Given his extremist oppositions to the philosophy of deaf persons marrying other disabled persons: Dr. Abraham Graham Bell was foolishly concerned that the babies and childbirth could suffer from the hearing losses due to the failure of DNA molecules! He spread his warnings widely to the medical communities, leading everyone to FALSELY BELIEVE that the entire world’s human population would be utterly deaf if they didn’t find the cure already! 

But we BOTH KNOW that this paranoia doesn’t just happen overnight in the medical communities! The tightly-knitted community of American Sign Language users, both deaf and NOT deaf, they already tried to prove his insanity! They even wanted to DISCREDIT him for making false claims! Unfortunately, their efforts largely fell on deaf ears at that time of Dr. Bell’s existence, and it was too late for them to dismantle The Eugenics Movement for American doctors and scientists. 

It appears that the American medical system is still supportive of Dr. Bell’s Nazi-style ideology for curing disability, which is neither in the interests of deaf people and ASL interpreters. Surprisingly sad to say, the American medical system puts its faith in this eugenicist than they did with deaf people back then! 

This is why you RARELY see deaf children using sign language at an early-aged development process, which is less common when they become deaf. People with hearing losses are forced to study LIP-READING, acquire COCHLEAR IMPLANTS, and use other expressive communication techniques.


Death Mark. GIFS owned by Warner Bros.

The term “Death Eaters” was creatively coined by J.K. Rowling to describe a brainwashing cult that so BLINDLY followed and devoted to Lord Voldemort.

You probably already know about Death Eaters as a Harry Potter fan as they were initially introduced in the events of The Goblet of the Fire after the two disappearances of Lord Voldemort in the village of Godfrey where he killed the parents of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. After the third game of the Triwizard Tournament, Lord Voldemort was physically reborn at a forsaken graveyard where both Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory were kidnapped there. Lord Voldemort reappeared to Harry during the human sacrificing of Cedric, so Lord Voldemort could take more magical power from him. Death Eaters were insanely delighted with the thought of reuniting with their lord after 14 years of his disappearance.

For instance, some of Voldemort’s supporters, Lucius Malfoy, politically implicated in the Ministry of Magic, and Severus Snape, a formerly academic professor at Hogwarts, returning to healthy lifestyles. But, others have secretly endured working to advance Voldemort’s goals of eugenic bias and magical superiority against the Half-Breeds, Muggle-Borns, and Muggles alike.

Deaf Eaters who blindly dedicated themselves to Alexander Graham Bell, almost as if he were Lord Voldemort to them!

Two existing terminology nouns and definitions for AUDISM and ABLEISM can be easily found on the internet and social media platforms. ASL users have often faced a Deaf Eater in any hostile position of the medical system due to the negative experiences of DISCRIMINATION BIGOTRY. These two terms, “Audist” and “Audism,” are more frequently used by deaf Americans rather than “ableism/ableist.” 

For someone who is NOT deaf, but with other types of disability, you usually say “Ableist” or “Ableism” only if this makes sense to you.

Disturbing incidents of discriminatory behaviors that the supporters of Abraham Graham Bell openly practiced against Deaf Americans for using signed language. They are very much alive and well today under the disguising form of the Death Eaters! 

Alexander Graham Bell is the public face of his own cause, ideology, beliefs, and influence in many numbers of organizations around the world! So that was the devastating consequences of the eugenics movement and ORALISM. Dr. Bell was supported, endorsed, contributed, and backed up by the scientific and medical communities. 

In the twenty-first century, Karl White, Meredith K. Sugar, and many others are among them! If you understand what I’m saying, watch this video!

Karl White

If you’re curiously interested in viewing a documentary film about Alexander Graham Bell and how he transformed and influenced America in “Through Deaf Eyes.” You can check it out on the PBS network (or website).

You can try enrolling in Gallaudet University if you wish to learn more about this topic in depth. However, Gallaudet University requires a high school diploma, with the perfection of grade point average and proof of motivation that you have, which I advised you before you start your enrollment there. It is located in Washington, D.C., United States.

This can be discussed with Joseph Christopher Hill. Many deaf writers at Galludet University researched the history of Abraham Graham Bell and his toxic relationship with deaf people in the twentieth century.

Severus Snape & Tom Riddle

Severus Snape & Tom Riddle

Both Professor Severus Snape and Lord Voldemort were half-blooded wizards! I stand to be corrected, but Snape’s mother was a Muggle, and her father was a wizard if I’m NOT mistaken! Tom Riddle’s mother was a witch, and his father was a Muggle, depending on which one you ask.

Half-Bloods and the Deaf Americans have a CRAZY CROSSOVER of analogy and parallel to each other! Let me explain how ABSURDLY CRAZY this is!

WAIT… WAIT… WAIT… Not all Deaf Americans are married as deaf couples, though some are, depending on their romantic preferences. It depends on whom they choose as a loving companion and their decisions made in romantic relationships. 

Biological offspring of two parents who may be DEAF, HARD of HEARING, OR, NOT DEAF, but the small children are biologically linked to one of their parents is being deaf, and the other is NOT! This is called the “mixed family,” as some families are SYNCHRONOUSLY combined with and without disabilities in a shared context of integration. But the mixed families are NOT even close enough to be referred to as “half-blood.” It’s just that the similar concept of Tom Riddle and Professor Snape is fascinating, though! 

There is NO guarantee promised that children born deaf or hard of hearing will share hereditary genetic DNA to the following generations in the future, despite the fact that SOME DO & HAVE! The statistics and the scientific results have been verified repeatedly over the years that THE DEAF DNA could randomly skip at the time of birth rating!

Children born to two deaf parents who have the ABILITY TO HEAR would NOT be considered “half-blood” because this term is intrinsically regarded as derogatory for non-disabled youths. They’ve already been officially named for their biological identity as a CODA (Children of Deaf Adults). Yes! You read that right!

Deaf adolescents and adults who were randomly classified as “MODERATELY DEAF,” “PARTIALLY DEAF,” “RECENTLY AGING DEAF,” “HARD OF HEARING,” “ONE-EARED DEAF,” and “PROFOUNDLY SEVERE DEAF.” As you can see from those labels above, they have been included in this DEAF IDENTITY SPECTRUM category list. Some of them are diversely disabled from one ear or both ears that didn’t really show any warning signs of hearing loss.

For your information, if you’re NOT deaf, those medical terminology words, in the absence of sounds are only relevant to the person you’re talking to. Remember, NOT everyone in the DEAF IDENTITY SPECTRUM is primarily fond of these ridiculous labels that put them in a social setting. Sometimes, you can develop your own identity as a function of your disability status if you try hard enough. 

Also, if one or several persons refer to themselves as labels as they like, you should respect them. Why? These people are NOT your responsibility, and NONE of your business to know why, but NOT if you still strongly disagree with how they put themselves in the auditory checkboxes that way. For example, I don’t have to agree with the way my friends see themselves when they say who they are, but I DO respect their personal choices. Why? Because it’s NOT my story to tell since my friends know about their own lives from personal experiences during the journey of self-discovery. 

Not only am I asking them how to identify with the current status quo, but what about, and why not?

Your friends would probably tell you this: Let me exist the way I want, please! Thanks! Sounds familiar, right?

Oh, that’s right! I FORGOT! I forgot to mention that you should NEVER say “HEARING-IMPAIRED” to Deaf Americans. Why? It’s pretty inconsiderately offensive, trust me. As an ASL user, NOBODY really wanted to accept using “hearing-impaired” in their self-identified diagnosis to describe who they are in social interactions with HEARING strangers. At all costs, please avoid writing or saying “hearing-impaired” in any language, especially the American English dialect! Don’t do that! Don’t you dare think of going there! Don’t! 

ASL users will NOT recognize, tolerate, or encourage the use of this ableist word in any way! There are two groups of people that refuse to learn American sign language: the Audists (audism) and the Lateral Ableists (ableism)They both preferred the word “hearing-impaired/ment” to describe people with hearing loss. This implies that deaf people are spiritually, psychologically, and physically broken. Just because you’re deaf isn’t the reason you’re broken! That’s NOT the best way of identifying people with disabilities! Trust me, it’s NOT even close to a brilliant idea! Please, let them decide on their own! Thanks!

To be absolutely honest with you folks, I know some people who strongly preferred the term “hearing-impaired,” as I said earlier, and I’ll clarify this one more time: I CAN’T speak on behalf of everyone, and at the same time, I WON’T do it for them either! Some people are free to choose their own vocabulary etiquette, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to agree with them! I won’t let them make up their minds for me, no! I can only speak for myself, NOT by other people’s authority! Once again, I have ZERO influence and OUTSIDE of my control over how they say about themselves because I don’t live their lives. I live my life, however, I like it! You don’t need to know why!

DEAF is highly recognized and widely accepted by the members of Gallaudet University, the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, and state boarding schools in all 50 states with a seal of approval.  If you visit these sites, which have an intense concentration of ASL users, both the Deaf and Hearing alike, you will calculate how often they mention signing “deaf” in human hands, including written and spoken English. Believe me, it’s a lot of plenty numbers! 

Matthew S. Moore is a deaf white male professor living in Rochester, New York. He was the only one who came up with a better title for Deaf Americans by recommending “PEOPLE OF THE EYES,” which he used in his writings and signings. Perhaps I should use the term “ABLE-HEARD” to refer to those capable of hearing, as opposed to “able-bodied” for people who are bodily motioned without any damage to physicality. How about that, no? Okay… Let me know whenever you’re ready… OR NOT! 

Matthew S. Moore

Matthew S. Moore


Queenie. Warner Bros Studios is responsible for the copyright of GIF images.

Queenie Goldstein was a warmly accomplished member of the Wizarding World long before Harry Potter came into being! For your information, she was born with the same magical power to take emotions and memories from a human mind just as Lord Voldemort/Thomas Riddle HAD & DID!

Funnily enough, I couldn’t stop thinking of ASL INTERPRETERS who enjoy doing their jobs to help deaf people fill the big-holed gaps in social communications and interactions with their hearing counterparts. 

The Legilimens are so proudly named as Queenie Goldstein is one of them, but NOT because they can telepathically read our private thoughts that might be a bit too personal, but because they ARE ALSO very good at reading sign language! They can simply understand any form of hand movement, I mean, anything! 

BET they’re really good at it, but it also made me wonder if Lord Voldemort can understand ASL. Well, if he did, I don’t think he’d be too welcoming because he’s NO better than Adolf Hitler! Don’t forget why or how EUGENICISTS can be so heartless evil. Nazi war criminals committed atrocities against the Deaf survivors of the Holocaust, and their horror stories will never let us forget that! 

 Unfortunately, sad to remind you, NONE of the ASL interpreters are magically born with a natural sensitivity to sign language as Queenie Goldstein in this film. NO, hearing people can only learn from specialists who have taught them in colleges, universities, nightclubs, and schools, among other places of higher learning. We should NOT confuse ourselves as self-identified Muggles and No-Maj folks with the ability of Legilimency, as shown in the Harry Potter films, but rather with a trained specialist in REAL LIFE! 

Yes, you are NOT wrong when it comes to Legilimency. I knew exactly what you were thinkin’, and you’re NOT the only one trying to figure out what it would look like to use Legilimency while communicating in sign language. I can imagine using it in my fantasies straight away! No questions asked!  I believe that… Legimimency would’ve been an overwhelmingly beneficial effect if it was available in REAL LIFE, right?! Both the Deaf and Hearing Americans alike wouldn’t require learning sign language or being instructed by someone with heavily detailed knowledge.

 Right? Right!

But again, you can’t simply OVERLOOK the facts that Deaf people aren’t born with the superpower of being able to recognize and communicate in sign language in an instantaneous second. Nope, it doesn’t work that way. Sorry! We MUST learn and be taught by the ASL experts. We can’t do it any other way around, not even cheat! It would have been so much better if cheating actually worked, but it didn’t because it’s NOT real!

As a HEARING PERSON, it is NO different when you have been adequately trained by a parent for learning how to hear and recognize these sounds or noises at a young age, and that was a bit longer before you can use your voice to speak with clarity. You were only a few months old when anyone could barely understand baby talks, right? Waiting until you’re old enough to use big words and creatively change your accent? Right?

Well, now you know why learning ASL is so tricky! Unless, of course, you were born a perfectly natural amateur, but being one is FAR INFERIOR to being a born Legilimen in every sense!

Legilimency is NONE other than wishful thinking and unrealistic dreams! In other words, it’s airily comforting to know that we can still escape our reality to fantasize about Legilimency being used in American Deaf Culture. 

 Queenie Goldstein is an American witch, so yeah, she’s so much more than being qualified to be an ASL interpreter! Yay! I would willingly hire her every day if I had to. I wish we could replace the ASL interpreters with Legilimens without postponing while learning sign language because they already know it!

Legilimens can magically understand whatever deaf people ask of them as ASL interpreters, and they’re ten times better than those who are most likely to be a Muggle/No-Maj! 

BUT ONLY IF THEY ACTUALLY EXISTED! LOL! (with a sly wink in one eye from Queenie!)

Okay… I’m going to say one thing that’s real. Magic is real, yes, but it’s not like Harry Potter, you know? 

Yup! We have pagan communities here in the United States: Wiccans, heathens, Druids, practitioners of the Afro-American Religion of Voodoo (Vodun), Shamans, Witch Doctors, Psychics, many, and many more! 

However, I’m NOT sure about the success of that Legilimency from any American pagan, but maybe Clairvoyance or Telepathy? Honestly, I don’t know. Sometimes, you don’t need a voice or spoken words to communicate with someone only through visual images in your telepathic head to understand them better. I guess so.

Using authentic formulas, spells, and petitions without the need to learn sign language, but again, I could ask around if the real-life witches would be able to understand all of what we’re saying in sign language. 

That idea would be a fantastic beast to work with! 

I’m sorry, ASL INTERPRETERS, but I’m jokingly sad to inform you that ASL interpreters are unavailable today! J.K. Rowling told me that you’re too damn illiterate to be a Legilimen! You know, instead of listening to Muggle/No-Maj interpreters with my eyes, Legilimens are my preferred choice, as they are so much easier to accessibility and should be paid on high wages! Maybe Legimens could creatively develop closed captioning subtitles on TV or Open Captions in a movie theater auditorium instead of sign language! Who knows!  I wish that was REAL so that we could continue to use Legilimens for as long as we lived! They’re game-changers!


My personal opinion on the popular culture of LEGILIMENS VS. ASL INTERPRETERS is an oddly fascinating topic to write about! Seriously! I’m down on this topic! I have NO idea why or how much fun I had while sitting behind my laptop with many paragraph blocks of written arguments about Queenie Goldstein and ASL Interpreters! Arguing with myself over this topic is beyond my understanding, but I just found my writing so FUNNY & COMICAL!

I believe my favorite subject is probably this particular one that I could obsessively debate all night long! 

Hermione Granger

Warner Bros Studios is the copyrighted owner of this GIF image.

Hermione Granger is a Muggle-born, and to whom being born of two beloved parents with no magic.

More than 90 percent of DEAF BABIES are born to hearing parents!

Many statistical reports refer to deaf infants being cared for by their non-deaf parents. Many doctors and scientists in the United States (at least 95% of the time) heavily investigated that they were giving birth to HEARING PARENTS!  

The real question is, why are deaf kids being handcuffed and hearing kids allowed to learn sign language when you look at this image? 

Parents of HEARING BABIES have been advised to encourage their children to learn sign language within two years and in the meantime. Deaf newborns, on the other hand, are forced to learn lip-reading and practice oralism with speech-language pathologists from an early age! 

Can you see the great irony in this? Yes! It’s absurdly paradoxical that non-deaf infants may learn everything, but deaf children failed to meet the minimum requirements! I found it so frustratingly difficult to see the irony!

Jason Roberts was the creator of this video in 2015!

Thankfully, I didn’t forget to give credit to Amy Cohen Efron in this blog post! She first appeared in a series of four educational videos called “The Greatest Irony of Deaf Babies” that I gladly remember looking back in high school at the time. Amy used to sell this video as a DVD, and I don’t know if she still is selling it today, but I remember buying them for her in 2007. I strongly encourage you to contact her personally via any social media account where you can find her!



He said this to Hermione Granger.

  You’ve probably seen Emma Watson characteristically depicted as a Muggle-Born Hermione Granger, who argued with Draco Malfoy in the Chamber of Secrets. His derogatory insult named her “Mudblood,” which the purebred elites have verbally abused her in this memorable film scene. You should consider Hermione as a remarkable example of a marginalized woman who has been socially traumatized by various forms of prejudice and discrimination throughout her life. Hermione’s xenophobic relationship ties to Draco at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, who was still considered Mudblood in his eyes! 

Both seen in the book and cinematographic adaptation of “Deathly Hallows,” Bellatrix Lestrange used her wand to bloodily engrave the word “Mudblood” onto the flesh of Hermione Granger! 

As a Deaf American, I have had many prejudiced experiences in boarding Deaf schools and mingling with ASL users who are both Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (HOH). Sadly, some members of the ASL community were SOCIALLY EXCLUDED and became pariahs due to their status quo standards. For example, you can be rejected by your friends in tight-knitted cliques and elites, gangs and cults; posses and social circles. 

These elitist folks have banded together to oppress others who are underprivileged or unpopular!

Gallaudet University has been home to many prejudicial incidents like this one, which is NOTHING NEW! Check out Netflix for the first eight episodes of “Deaf U!”

 One cast member expressed dissatisfaction with herself for NOT being “deaf enough” to enroll in the “Deaf Elites.” You could call them a cult if you want to, but the reality is that they’re much more concerned with acceptance, approval, and respect than bullshit drama! 

If you’re NOT going to be accepted by those who have automatically decided you are NOT fit to be their closest friends, then absolutely NOTHING you can do about it! Create your own family because you won’t be invited to any of their cliques, sorority or whatever they want to call it nowadays! 

There is only one reason they perceive in you: NOBODY, TABOO, CRAZY, PARIAH, UNWANTED, REJECTED, and so on! 

Read below between quotes:

  • “No offense, I don’t think we can be friends, but if we were, my friends would disown me forever! They are all I have!”
  • “You got no deaf family, do you? So why make me your friend? I only hung out with deaf families!”
  • “Many deaf people like me better than you because I avoided using Pidgin Signed English (PSE)!”
  • “You aren’t Deaf enough! You don’t look like me!”

Now, you do realize what this is about, don’t you? You probably won’t make many friends with DEAF ELITES anywhere. Apparently, they don’t necessarily consider you equal to them, so it could happen when they dumbed you down. Why? I guess they must be enjoying being tyrants or queen bees by acting better than you!

If you’re reasonably inquisitive about the numbers of elite toxicity out there or what kinds of it, you’ll see them once you visit the school building or nightclub. 

Please check out horror stories in Ukraine (Eastern Europe) at:


The fictional existence of two distinct groups in the Wizarding World: Purebloods and Muggleborns, as initially written by J.K. Rowling. However, NOT all the Purebloods are wickedly evil, just as The Malfoys has ruthlessly revealed themselves throughout 8 movies and 7 books. The Weasleys, for example, that they are NOT all bad!


Team Malfoys or Team Weasleys? TIME TO PICK A SIDE!

You’ve probably read or seen The Malfoys in the Harry Potter series. They’re infamously noted for their narcissism and are a snobbishly privileged family. The Malfoys will NEVER accept nor be friends with any Squib, Muggleblood, or Halfblood! NO ONE, and including you, that counts too! They always thought they were better than you! 

The Deaf Elitist Malfoys are also REAL, and they DO EXIST anywhere! They DO march together and behave like packs of wolves! They’d eat you alive if you didn’t learn to fit in with their competitive mindset of “So you think you can sign?” They DO CONTROL the way you talk with your hands, how you walk,  participate in sports, or make friends and enemies with you. ASL MALFOYS are icily authoritative and mean-spirited in real life, and you will meet them anywhere. 

You ever hear of the “crab theory”? If NOT, please, look it up on the Internet if you need it.  Or… You’re undoubtedly familiar with the term “rat race,” right? You know, it’s kind of like a DIVIDE/CONQUER STRATEGY in the law of the jungle? Or, Game of Thrones? Caste system? Gossip Girl dramas?

As I write under this blog post, I make an effort WITHOUT insulting or misprizing ASL practitioners who take pride in their family origins and identities. NONETHELESS, the attitudes and actions of the elitist mentality that they manifested having shown many times before in human history: The first capital letter in a D word: DEAF PRIDE! It’s about the tight-knitted organization of deaf families within a single political identity, the rebellious movement of American Sign Language against the speaking society with so much pride! That’s precisely what this pride is used for! 

ASL Malfoys are NOT the ones to wallow in self-pity over a complaint of hearing loss, even though you might be an ASL interpreter or want to be one of them! NOT only will those elitists evict you from their daily lives, but they’ll also often DISRESPECT and REDUCE you to your Intelligence Quality level! Or any other status quo that you have now! 

I have good news for you, Potterheaded folks! One day later, you will gladly find your new family: ASL Weasleys! Because they aren’t as elitist as ASL Malfoys! I promised that one day you would find your Weasley, but probably NOT today! But when or if you make friends with the deaf version of Ronald Weasley, he should always be there for you, and HE BETTER BE! 


Obscurus. Warner Bros Studios is digitally possessive of the copyright of GIF images.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them was globally released in cinemas around the world in November 2016. It was directed by David Yates and scripted by the novelist J.K Rowling herself! 

Those who fatally fell victim to the forbidden magic were first introduced to the Potter-headed fans for 70 YEARS, LONG BEFORE Harry Potter was born! This also concernedly raises the question of what “prohibited magic” means and why the name of Obscurus was created in the first place, you wonder, right?

The prequel film series of Harry Potter, as explained as it introduced us to the enormous amount of black energy that WREAKED HAVOC on a city, is emotionally communicated by showing itself as full of agony and suffering; infamously called OBSCURUS! It’s also important to remember that this word is only the definition of something living, not a person or a human being.

Even though a witch or a wizard or a No-Maj can be killed by this very thing, they quickly fall victim to suffering and agony because they are incapable of controlling their emotional turmoil from within. It’s only a matter of time until they’re not able to wait it out or hold it anymore.

These magical kids succumbed mortally to their own worst version of themselves when this painful emotion got the best of them! They are called OBSCURIAL(s), which defines a living person or a human being, but they also MUST be a witch or a wizard to have such a diagnosis! 

But the real question is, how old do they turn into Obscurials? They must be between the age of infancy and eight years. Obscurials are subjected to stringent restrictions on performing witchcraft and wizardry throughout this time of witch-hunting discrimination and conscious biases. 

You now understand why the Obscurials were so self-destructive and suicidal at an early age due to the magical bigotry, No-Maj Toxicity, and biased discrimination! These innocent children died because they weren’t allowed to practice witchcraft or wizardry in a 20th-century version of North America, resulting in severe punishment. 

It also reminded me of the Salem witch trials, which took place in the 1693 period. For anyone who is probably familiar with the events of the 17th century, it should come as NO surprise that these women were persecuted by the white Christian patriarchy!

In this movie, as it explained, either as a witch or a wizard, you’ll be put to death if you accidentally get in touch with a No-Maj (non-magic) person by making them feel threatened by any kind of magic! However, if you don’t fully submit to their strict minimum of constraints and limitations on your magical powers, they will gladly try to shame you until you do!

This is a really, really sad story about Obscurials!

J.K. Rowling was perhaps being inspired to tell a story about the Obscurials while learning the real-life historical accounts of the Salem Witch Trials. I think she probably read it when she was a kid! Who knows? Honestly, I think she did a great job being innovative at storytelling in any form of source materials! It doesn’t have to be a book, but it can be a comic book or a movie! There were already plenty of surprises up her sleeves every day! J.K. Rowling can be uniquely unpredictable!

I think this is the ideal message for people without disabilities who have long erroneously thought and believed that deaf infants learning sign language were a danger to their children!

The New Salem Philanthropic Society appeared in this film at its heightening highlight of discrimination and bigotry! Obscurials that are banned from practicing witchcraft and wizardry, on the other hand, are at risk of becoming Obscurus because of their depressing self-esteems as a result of magical deprivations as well!

However, being an Obscurus is intersectionality relevant to each minority group that profoundly resonates with the POTTERHEAD FANS subjected to sexual orientation, gender pronouns, transphobia, misogyny, racism, neurodiversity, ableism, etc. 

According to the educational message of this film, its plot has an ugly tendency to repeat itself in any history of belief systems and institutions! We have seen all forms of oppression and tyranny in human behavior that have historically shown why every community needs to establish a new order to control society due to fear and paranoia. For example, a virus can cause sickness and misery. New viruses spread worldwide that are probably five times stronger and capable of killing so many human populations – this is the biggest comparison between viruses and memetics in the belief systems! That’s EXACTLY what will fear and paranoia will do to your mind if you let it!

Deaf kids and Obscurials, as it turns out, are in the same boat of language deprivations, don’t you agree, eh?


The objective goal of the Second-Salemers movement was to expose and abolish the Wizarding World to save society without magic. 

For many years of discriminating against sign language usage, this kind of behavior has been seen many times in the American medical community in real life TODAY! Medical experts are obsessively committed to focusing on the CURE of deafness as if it was a virus itself. They didn’t want to come up with different ways of communicating rather than using oralism.

This white man is rather odd! Dr. Alexander Graham Bell wasn’t really interested in working with the minor children if they had any other kind of disability, such as blindness, walking, breathing, or mental intelligence! He was insanely obsessed with the lack of small kids’ hearing abilities and forcefully taught them to use oral methods rather than sign language with hands. I found it very confusing that Dr. Bell NEVER guided blind kids to use their eyes in different ways, but he was so aggressive with the deaf kids. How come he didn’t teach crippled children to walk properly? Why didn’t they teach children with neurocognitive problems to use big words and think independently like ordinary people? 

Dr. Bell didn’t do it for them with many different disabilities; he did it exclusively for deaf children! I FAILED to see how medical experts should be appropriately obsessed with one type of disability over all others! It doesn’t make sense! I mean, why did Dr. Bell only attack deaf children instead of other disabled children who can hear and talk?! Why single-handedly target them? What’s so special about deaf kids?

Quick fun fact: A group of medical experts in an argumentative meeting took place in Milan, Italy, and that debate was only available to the white men. It had been officially known as “The Milan Conference of 1880” by prohibiting the use of sign language. This was how this decision was made at that time, which has really changed the world forever! THIS IS THE TRUE STORY!

Due to the harmful effects on deaf children, those who banned sign language in September 1880 are responsible for the deaf children’s current condition to this day. If there had been NO prohibition, it would undoubtedly have been legalized throughout the world as we know it today! 

Since 1880, sign languages have been thoroughly divided and alienated from speaking languages; even when black people and white people were racially segregated in the Jim Crow era, the Milan Conference was a big letdown and shame! 

As a result of Jim Crow, there have been many unpublished stories of segregated schools for black children and deaf children attending state boarding schools. During that time, black children developed their own sign language, known as BLACK ASL, which is distinctive from WHITE ASL and is more closely related to African-American Vernacular English or Ebonics rather than a standard English dialect.  

Recently seen in 2020, a young black deaf woman named Nakia Smith was the only one to publish many short videos on the TikTok platform (mobile app) in which she taught her fans about the syntaxes and classifiers of BLACK ASL. As a result of sharing her videos, she became a viral sensation, enabling the world to learn the truth about the segregated schools of deaf black kids from white deaf kids. Many were unaware of this! 

Follow Nakia Smith on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter for her latest news!

During the 20th century, Deaf Americans campaigned for their civil rights because they needed jobs to support themselves and pay the bills. Yet, as adults, they were denied access to the residential schools for working with the deaf children as teachers, dorm staff, and sports coaches. Auditory eugenicists at the residential schools always forced underage children to read lips and learn to speak fluently as much as possible!

You should now understand why ASL users as adults have been forced to depend on social security benefits because of unemployment and occupational discrimination. They were also the victims of ongoing discrimination and rejection because they couldn’t communicate as clearly as they should have. Orally-speaking deaf people represent 99% of the working population than ASL users! No one wants to employ or hire ASL users who cannot speak fluently with their voice and mouth movement compared to the HEARING PEOPLE at work. That prejudiced attitude towards the nonverbal person is still very much alive and manifests itself; everyday today!


Squib defines a wizard-born Muggle/No-Maj as either her, him, or them as a child of two magical parents, and was born of a witch and a wizard due to the product-of-love spell, and here they are SQUIBSImagine someone born without magic! 

However, the real question is… What are witches and wizards going to do with their own children without magic? Some parents hid their children from the wizarding world in disgrace and embarrassment! Some parents have lied to their friends and family about their children being SQUIBS because they must feel very uncomfortable telling the truth about them. Yet, the truth is, they should NOT feel bad about it! They shouldn’t because it’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with their children, even if they aren’t born as their parents with magic! As do the Muggle-born folks! Right?!

Personally, in my opinion, the Squibs should be sent to ordinary schools, whereas with the Muggles and the No-Majs. Period! 

I found “Squibs” rather amusing and laughable! Deaf Americans can make babies and raise children as anybody can hear. Deaf adults can regularly function in sexual acts with their own partners the same way everyone else does! They gave an adorable name for hearing children: CODA, aka Children of Deaf Adults!

CODA (2021) with Marlee Matlin & Troy Kotsur

Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and public figures WERE CODA, TOO!

All these Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and public figures were PROUD SQUIBS, as I assume! Lucky them! 



Courtesy of Warner Bros Studios.

Deaf children are attending residential schools, exactly as Harry Potter did! Interestingly, when I watched the Harry Potter film series during my stay in the dormitory, I kept thinking about the name of Hogwarts in a complete sentence and how they were pronounced! It’s just so weirdly like the name of our respective boarding schools. I’m gonna show you how to pronounce 5 or 7 words in a single phrase: Lexington School for the Deaf, Model Academy for the Deaf, American School for the Deaf, and many other names that I couldn’t remember! 

Three words often appear in a completed sentence of “For The Deaf,” which appears prominently on the facade of the institutional buildings. See, the names of residential schools in all 50 states of the United States started titling with the home state’s name, then saying three words “FOR THE DEAF” at the end of the sentence! So, it’s NOT really the same at the beginning of the sentence! But again, the title ended with “School of Witchcraft & Wizardry” remains closely the same as “For The Deaf” in one complete sentence.  I thought that the iconic concept of the school title was so hyper-hilarious! It’s so funny if you try thinking about it! 

I’m getting interested in knowing if J.K. Rowling drew her literary genius ideas from our residential school titles, but did she actually do it on purpose? Did she get this idea from boarding school when she was my age as a kid?

Cheers & Jeers

I had to give another shout-out to Matthew S. Moore! “Cheers and Jeers” is the official name of his publicly available video blog on his Facebook page, which he recently launched in 2018. He urged his ASL community to remove two words from “For The” with the one sentence of “Deaf School” to refer to the 50 states. Dr. Moore received positive feedback from sign language users, CODA(s), and sign language interpreters in unison on Facebook as I read many comment threads. For instance, you can refer to IOWA DEAF SCHOOL instead of pronouncing “Iowa School for the Deaf.” 

On Cloud 9, I ultimately agreed with what he said. I think two words from “For The” is a little too bizarre to pronounce because it sounds like self-loathing mercy and offers toxic sympathy for deaf children who cannot hear. It’s NOT right!  It’s almost like saying, “This is for you,” while freely giving a no-good biscuit to the rat who lives in the hole in the wall. “For The” is NOT my way of characterizing my academic experience; thank you very much!

As for Potterheads, I can’t speak for all fans on their behalf since the school’s title pronounces “Witchcraft and Wizardry.” In this iconic title, you see the problem: two gender pronouns are being referred to boys and girls as “wizards” and “witches,” respectively. When we think of the “wizards,” the boys, and the men who strongly discriminated against the “witches” as girls and women in that school, it seems a bit too sexist and a bit of a misnomer. “Witchcraft and Wizardry” should have been a more neutral facade title, such as a non-binary term (They/Them). As an example, you can say “Hogwarts School of England” or “Hogwarts School of Magic” or something else! You can say it in the same way that the “Ministry of Magic” was named correctly because it had no gender pronouns, and the absence of sexist stereotypes, and nothing like that!

In my opinion, J.K. Rowling should have avoided “Witchcraft and Wizardry” in the upcoming series of Harry Potter, Newt Scamander, or other characters! 

Let’s hope she decides to rename it sooner instead of later! 

Unfortunately, J.K. Rowling has recently been subjected to outrageous criticism for allegedly having difficulties with transgender communities, especially trans women! Apparently, this author will continue to use the sexist term “Witchcraft & Wizardry” in future sequels of books and screenplays. Sorry, Potterheads! 

I’m curious if any British Deaf kids did attend residential schools in the U.K, do they, though? I’m NOT sure I’ll ever know. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions on Twitter if you are a hardcore Potterhead. J.K. Rowling is a constant tweeter on everything. 

I hope she doesn’t block me like she did with one of her fans who had problems with the casting choice of Johnny Depp due to the domestic violence with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.  I have NO objection to Warner Brothers Studios when it comes to casting Johnny Depp. Still, I think someone else would be a better alternative in the role of Gellert Grindlewald. Johnny Depp shouldn’t have been stereotypically villainized in two films of Fantastic Beasts. 

I don’t like to think of him as a deep-seated villain because I always thought of him as a Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka or Edward Scissorhands! He was so damn good at playing anti-hero characters, like Jack Sparrows, and bizarre solo characters. But being viciously evil, NOT really, no! There’s only one diabolical character he played so beautifully: SWEENY TODD! He can sing and kill people at the same time. It’s a fascinating role to play the barbershop murderer, but it was a speaking role rather than a music movie. It would’ve been a disastrous failure like The Secret Window! For your information, Johnny Depp doesn’t do justice well to Gellert Grindlewald in that movie because I don’t sense it in him! Didn’t impress me at all! He’ll NEVER be able to get his role right, sorry to say, but somebody else gotta be more appealing to me than him!  I couldn’t find him scary enough, and he didn’t look creepy enough. 

I think he’s losing his way, such as growing old. It’s like he’s starting to lose color. He ducks out like a forgotten shipwreck.  As far as I was concerned, Johnny Depp seemed to be made of cardboard, like a wooden figure!


I found the following link, which reads out loud: 

“The Triwizard Tournament was a magical contest held between the three largest wizarding schools of Europe: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Durmstrang Institute, and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, each school is represented by one Champion. Selected Champions compete in three tasks — traditionally judged by the Headmasters or Headmistresses of the competing schools — designed to test magical ability, intelligence, and courage. Champions competed for the honor and glory of winning the Tournament, for the Triwizard Cup, and a monetary prize. The first Tournament was held sometime around the late 13th century.”

– From

Sports and physical activities such as football, volleyball, basketball, and track/field are widely celebrated in Deaf Schools, exceptionally high schoolers.  I participated in basketball and track and field activities during my first year at Wheeler High School. We have four Deaf schools that come visiting our campus in Missouri on a set schedule, but it’s usually on the weekend. We sometimes visit other Deaf Schools in other states (Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Wisconsin). However, we don’t participate in international sports events. Sorry, but it would be a massive NO-NO, which won’t likely happen in real life.

If you’re only referring to the Deaf Olympic Games, then the answer is YES! It’s strictly intended for adults only as part of international competitions, but NOT for high schoolers. You must submit a petition as a result of a request.  If you want to HOST athletic events and make plans in a specific year and a location, you must go through legal proceedings, such as those involving not-for-profit organizations; that’s how the international sport works.

If you want me to speak for 50 states within the same country of North America, I don’t have a problem with that. As far as I know, it’s the Great Plains Schools for the Deaf that I’m talking about. But because I don’t live on the west coast or the east coast, I don’t have any sports knowledge in any of the regions. You’d have to ask someone who lives on the west coast or the east coast. I’m the wrong person to talk to. I know the Midwest sports that are produced each year for Deaf schools on the Great Plains. I’ve seen competitive deaf schools where teammates participate in volleyball, basketball, and Track/Field firsthand. 

Academic Bowl tournaments are held at Gallaudet University annually. Deaf Schools and after-school clubs are invited to participate, regardless of whether they come from a residential school or NOT

However, if high school students visit Gallaudet University from public or mainstream schools. In that case, they should have “Deaf Programs” during extracurricular activities, if you haven’t already. It’s a brain trivia game of math, science, current events, popular culture, history, biology, and so on! It’s similarly seen on the TV reality game shows, such as “Who Want To Be A Millionaire,” “Jeopardy!” and “Family Feud.” 

See my deadname here.

According to this research, the Wizarding World and American Deaf Culture have a CRAZY CROSSOVER! We’re so much more alike than we imagined! Wow! This blog post is dedicated to any other Potterheads that also happen to be ASL users!

As you can see why I listed 12 parallels of the Wizarding World and American Deaf Culture, but Nyle DiMarco didn’t address the 12 reasons of his video blog. He has foolishly limited himself to four or three references and contrasts, and that’s all he said! Hey, Nyle, if you’re reading this, please update your vlog because your HEARING fans only know half of what you told them, and they need to find out MORE! 

Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin. Courtesy of SYFY Channel

Can you guess who this is? Marlee Beth Matlin, a deaf actress from Hollywood, is standing in front of the young woman with her boyfriend. She’s well-known for her role as Harrison Schiff in the SYFY Channel series, “The Magicians.” On Netflix, you can also watch her in the second season, where Harriet makes cameo appearances in the third, fourth and fifth seasons! Maybe there will be more of her! 



THIS can only be freely copied in its entirety if I have given my stamp of approval for it to be done as well per my personal blog.  Be sure to CREDIT MY WORK for the use of the research purposes.

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