I Tried Moving To Canada INSTEAD OF BUFFALO NY

I know you wouldn’t get involved when I mentioned the names of Jade Bryan or Adrienne Gravish, so don’t get involved if you are NOT interested. That is fine by me. NOBODY is going to force you to get involved between me and them, but I just wanted you to be FULLY AWARE of what I went through. This is my side of the story. I planned to move to Canada because of Wattpad. Now I don’t want to live in Toronto because it already got messed up.


Through my Twitter account, I notified them both in February 2021 that I would live in New York State. I slipped into the DM, which was primarily for Jade Bryan. I told her I planned to live in Buffalo, New York, but the problem was that she seemed to be in a state of shock and got pissed at me. She BLOCKED me with NO warning in a matter of seconds. Although she may have assumed that I would STALK her, but no, that was NOT the case. I clarified to her I had NO intention of stalking her. If I was, I already would have been in Harlem, New York, by now. Think for a second about this. Okay, it doesn’t matter. It’s her loss if she ends up worrying that I’m stalking her. She’s wrong! 

That’s when I realized I STOPPED liking Jade and Adrienne anymore. It frustrated me they NEVER got to know me for who I really am. Jade Bryan didn’t want to welcome me into New York the same way I did when I first met her through Facebook in June 2016. We had a falling out in 2020. Adrienne has BARELY known me for 7 months since Jade Bryan introduced me to her in July 2020 through Facebook Messenger. Adrienne and I FAILED to get along because we have our own intellectual differences. She didn’t agree with my beliefs and way of thinking. Adrienne is the reason I stopped being friends with Jade. If it wasn’t for Adrienne, NONE of this mess would have happened. 

Jade picked Adrienne instead of siding with me because they’re both feminists. I DON’T have a problem with feminists, but they said that I have a “misogynoir” or “mentally ill stalker” or whatever they called me. I DISAGREED. They don’t really know me at all!


Wattpad (a social media platform) discontinued my online account in the same week since Jade Bryan and Adrienne BLOCKED me on February 23rd, 2021. DOUBLE WHAMMY! 

Wattpad can be found in Toronto, Canada. This is the reason I tried to move to Canada, but checkpoints and borders were closed because of COVID-19, so I had to stay in Buffalo, New York. I was thinking of applying for a job at Wattpad, but now it’s too late.

I questioned Jade on her own webpage, and I said, “Did you file a complaint to Wattpad about me recently?” Did you report to Wattpad that I was plagiarizing famous people’s work without their permission?”

NEITHER she NOR Adrienne has responded at all. They had completely ignored me throughout 2021 and NEVER engaged in conversation with me at all. NOT ONCE.

This made me skeptical, and I became increasingly suspicious of Jade Bryan and Adrienne Gravish. They may have told Wattpad I was a “plagiarist.” Believe me, I’m NOT! Since then, I have attempted to find out what happened to my account. So, I reached out to Wattpad through Gmail and a series of email conservations in which we have spoken to each other. However, our contact was short-lived and ended BADLY. It didn’t go well as planned as I thought it would. I asked Wattpad what had happened and why my account had been revoked from me for accessing it online. Those investigators at Wattpad had notified me that someone had expressed dissatisfaction with my work and had told them that I was a “plagiarist.” No, I told them, and that is a false allegation. 

Wattpad asked me to provide evidence of a reasonable statement, which I did, but it was NOT convincing enough for them to find me credible. They didn’t believe me or agree with my explanation. They have ALREADY decided that my account will NOT be returned under my control. They also BLOCKED me from communicating with them through email and told me that I needed to visit a therapist since I threatened to sue them. I told them that they could have given me a data copy, but they REFUSED to do so.

Because of Cancel Culture, I lost everything that I worked for. All of my writing projects are still MISSING. Since 2004 and at the age of 12, I have put in a lot of effort to write stories from my mind. I have used many ideas from places of inspiration, but that was NOT what plagiarism looks like. No, not at all!

Because I know what it looks like, and Wattpad should have known better than that! Abstract ideas specifically inspired my writing projects based on TV series, books, or movies by “paying respect” to things that I love. I did it out of “love letters” from my idols and icons that I grew up staring at and reading, but that’s  NOT what stealing looks like. It’s called  “nostalgia porn,” That’s what it is. Why is it so difficult for people to know the difference?

I would NEVER copy or steal ideas from a famous person! I tried to ask the permission of some celebrities, but they NEVER replied, so I QUOTED them instead. But again, the quotation is NOT the same as plagiarism. If I post it to Wattpad, I get NO money out of it. I NEVER get paid! WATTPAD IS FREE! Your bank account is NOT required!

Wattpad is a social networking site for teenagers and young adults. I joined it in 2013. I was 21 years old, and that was long before I met Jade Bryan in June 2016. I didn’t meet Adrienne in 2013 until July 2020. 


I didn’t even try to include relevant quotations or sources of information in my account. I was so preoccupied with my ideas that I neglected to sketch the construction of the stories I wrote. I NEVER finished my projects. I simply wanted to show off my writing skills on the Internet, which is what I did. I was NEVER aware of how unhealthy I had become and it was because I was “over-excited” at that time. Every time I got excited, my writing got messy. Unfortunately, it was too late to fix my grammar because they canceled my account in February 2021. I NEVER had enough time to finish any projects because I had a Writer’s Block Syndrome. My stories stopped halfway through the character development process. 

Wattpad is meant to be a SAFE SPACE where freethinking writers are encouraged to be creative and experiment with favorite quotes or any language. I urgently assume that Wattpad is lying and gaslighting everyone who comes to their website online because they already modified and updated the policy in 2021. However, in 2013, they said nothing about it. I even asked them for feedback, and they told me they were NOT interested in helping me with my writing problems. They could have caught it sooner if they thought it was plagiarism, you know what I mean? They didn’t cancel my account until February 2021. How come they didn’t tell me what I did wrong in 2013? Why now?


It was so frustrating that no one asked the right questions and cut me off rather than trying to find a middle ground solution. That type of person who WRONGFULLY jumped to conclusions and labeled me as a “thief” without first talking to me was something I HATED so much. NOBODY has bothered to carefully examine the situation before pointing the finger at me. They have already turned their backs on me like they know who I am, which they don’t. Their unfounded allegations against me are  UNACCEPTABLE! I would have straightened this shit out if they let me! 

I haven’t even thought about making a backup copy of my data on the flash drive/USB stick as a precautionary measure. I NEVER got to do that. I have forgotten about the backup copy and was distracted by so much going on in my life. I forgot to download all of it from Wattpad. I was going to transfer my stuff to my Google Drive account, but ultimately, I failed. After canceling my account, I knew it was too late for me to visit Canada. I don’t know why I kept forgetting or getting distracted when I was supposed to download and make more copies of my work.

That’s why I started blaming Jade Bryan and Adrienne Gravish, but again, Wattpad  NEVER told me who alerted them. I think it was them because they saw my URL link in my Twitter bio profile. I bet they were investigating my Wattpad account right after I told them I was planning on moving to Buffalo, New York.

If they did, I’ll NEVER forgive ’em again. They told me they had REFUSED to forgive me in 2020. This was some sort of retaliation against me. The only question I have for them is, “Why are you assuming that about me? You have hated me all the way back to February 2020. I attempted to apologize to you, but you only responded by DESTROYING MY WORK. I don’t think I deserve your punishment. As a consequence of reporting me, I HATE you.”

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