Open Letter To Sign1News

There is a Deaf Jewish woman named Martha Anger, and she is a SIGN1NEWS announcer. I decided to UNFOLLOW her Instagram page, BLOCKED her, and STOPPED being friends with her on the May 17th morning at a midnight hour.


I politely let her know that I currently lived in Buffalo, New York. Regardless of what I said, she refused to listen and wordlessly IGNORED me on her Instagram account. I recently learned that she’s a FAKE ALLY and NO LONGER cared if I was dead or alive, especially in the store shooting. So, I gave up waiting for her reply from the Instagram chatbox because I felt that our friendship wasn’t real.

I’m so incredibly disappointed in her for being a phony friend on May 14, 2022. Martha Anger NEVER told me why our friendship started declining and fading away as if we were strangers to each other and hasn’t improved since 2021. I realized I was blindsided for one year in 2021 because she’s been avoiding me like a viral disease after the shooting. Didn’t she know that I live on the same street next to the Tops (a Jefferson Avenue store)? I doubt that she cares if I died. Well, that’s NOT a good excuse for her to silently dismiss me because I felt it was important to share it with her!

She’s a news anchor, c’mon!

To let you guys know that I was NOT present in the store when the shooting began. I was at home at the time of the racist attack, only one minute away from the same store. I’ve NEVER been physically injured or attempting to be murdered by Payton Gendron.

I couldn’t hear the store at 2:30 PM because I’m DEAF! I didn’t know!

I just wanted to tell Martha that I lived VERY CLOSE to the same store on my street, which I was trying to tell her about, but, somehow, she won’t even bother to express ZERO sympathy or words of comfort, NOR did she ask me how I was doing this month or if I needed the interview on Sign1News YouTube.


If I had offended her, she could have blocked me, unfriended me, or told me to stop talking to her a while ago, but she didn’t. All Martha did was give me her silent treatment (WHITE SILENCE) because she makes me feel like I’m harassing her. That’s weird because she doesn’t know how to communicate with me. She should’ve said so if she wanted me to leave her alone. Right?

One more thing before I finish talking. I couldn’t help wondering, but did she SECRETLY hope that the racist shooter would kill me if I were there in that store? Would it make her feel better if I stopped harassing her on Instagram after my death? This is just me wondering. Because I think she does want that happen to me, she’s NOT only the worst friend, but also a fake ally who is benefitting from the white silence, and it shows.

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