Why do I hate “The Daily Moth” so very much, even after four years (since 2019)?

The Daily Moth (Deaf News Agency)

I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to my audience here (both hearing & deaf), who have become aware of the problematic bigotry of a white patriarchal journalist named Alex Abenchuchan, who is also the founder of The Daily Moth, a news agency since September 2014. 

Alex Abenchuchan, the most white-centric and ignoramus DEAF NEWSCASTER

Alex Abenchuchan

I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m really dissatisfied with Alex and his newscasting crew since they REFUSED to interview me. This is something that I have wanted to let you guys know about for a while now. Sign1News has likewise left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. My reality is NOT being shared with the deaf community in 50 states by deaf news agencies on their social media platforms, so NOBODY is aware of my presence next to the grocery store in Buffalo, New York!

The only white man who has shown my 22-minute YouTube video blog to his audience is Jason Tozier, who is known as The Last Hiccup on his YouTube channel, but The Daily Moth never did what he did.

Another reason why I haven’t enjoyed watching The Daily Moth very much is that whenever I made a comment on Alex’s YouTube videos, he and his crew would DELETE whatever I wrote. This happened over and over again from 2020 until now. They only viewed me as if I was a mentally retarded internet troll. I’ve always been loud-mouthed and cussed a lot, so they decided that I couldn’t participate in the interview video they were producing. Even when I signed in ASL on my own YouTube channel, primarily deaf people complained about how I used ASL and said they couldn’t understand me, but I did my best to convey emotions via my facial expressions. I’m well aware of how terrible I was at it.

I ALWAYS USE “SEE” (Signed in Exact English) much too often.

My only problem with Alex is that he’s exploiting my residential address in Buffalo for his own narcissistic agenda to GASLIGHT his audience to ignore my marginalized voice. The real irony is that he wants everyone to know he’s not a racist, but he is! He probably had me fooled! He’s no doubt the friendliest racist I had ever met in 2016. 

I met Alex for the first time at the Union Station location in Saint Louis, Missouri  (June 2016). I asked him to smile with me in my selfie photo. 

I met Alex for the first time at the Union Station location in Saint Louis, Missouri (June 2016). I asked him to smile with me in my selfie photo. 

Have you got any idea who Alex reminded me of? Lou Bloom! The one in the 2014 film version of “The Nightcrawler.” This is how Alex behaves right now!


Alex is a faKE ally of the BIPOC Deaf community, and I think it’s time to stop making him cute! I don’t care how sexy you think his hair is! I don’t think he really cared about the deaf community because he thinks he’s too cute to be ignored by his fans. He’s also a member of Kamma Gamma Pi. IT’S TIME FOR BLACK DEAF FOLKS TO CREATE THEIR OWN VIDEO PLATFORMS, SO WE CAN SHARE THE MARGINALIZED VOICES. CAN WE STOP FETISHIZING HIM now?

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