I Survived My Traumatic Event of 5/14, But Three Symptoms of Social Injustice Are NEVER Cured

Mass Shootings Symptoms In May 2022: Fake Allies (YT Folks), Race Traitors (Raccoons) & White Silence

I simply wanted to make this video short today as a friendly reminder. It won’t be difficult at all to get the gist of the three main points of my discussion today. I want to share three red flags: Fake Allies, Race Traitors, and White Silence.

  1. FAKE ALLIES (YT FOLKS) who have false intentions because they are NOT black and don’t necessarily associate themselves with the Black Culture or Black Identity. So you want to be an anti-racist ally. In that case, you MUST actively support the black community or the BIPOC community in public and work with the members of those marginalized groups of people. Take the example of white people you might know who are active supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. This appears to be the constructive awareness of the allyship.
  2. We’ll move on to the second part of my speaking notes about white people as racists. You’re probably already familiar with anti-black sadism/racism, so I don’t need to repeat it.
  3. White silence and race traitors are the third and last numbers, but they’re the essential topics in this vlog.

To be an ally, you have to actively support the black community or the BIPOC community in public and work with the members of those marginalized groups. Take the example of white people you might know who are active supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. This appears to be the structure of the allyship.

We’ll move on to the second part of my speaking notes about white people as racists. You’re probably already familiar with sadist racism, so I don’t need to repeat it.

White silence and race traitors are the third and last numbers, but they’re one of the most essential topics in this vlog. 

Deaf Black People (Coons)

“Race Traitor” is one of the toughest definitions I visualized in American Sign Language. How do you pronounce this in ASL? Am I supposed to finger-spell “race traitor” every time?

Yet, my point is that it has two words together: race traitor (COONS).

I want to say this to the black deaf community, including all my niggas, regardless of their skin tone. I’m NOT concerned with naming names right now. I don’t care how they appear on the outside: darker or lighter. Look, my point is that it might be anybody identifying as “black” while being a traitor to their own brethren (siblings) or non-binary folks, but it doesn’t matter who they are.

For example, they have chosen to ignore the reality that someone they know has died of a racist attack or an act of black-on-black violence. Unfortunately, some black people are like that and randomly say, “It’s not my fault they got themselves killed!” “They probably deserved it.” “I don’t give a f**k.”

They don’t care whether they’re friends with the victims or not in real life. They just don’t care.

So you decided to stop caring about my well-being after the mass shooting incident in Buffalo, New York. Then you’re automatically considered a “race traitor” in my eyes.

Three talking points of be considered that you might be curious why I brought this up or made the biggest fuss out of mass shooting symptoms. Remember the previous video I made? Click the link now!

You saw that video, right? Right? Right now, that’s where I live. I shared the 22-minute video with people I know on social media sites, but then I noticed a problem and found out too late that some don’t talk to me often, don’t respond, or ignore me for a long time.

Why White Silence Is Violent

Whenever I tried to communicate online with my “white friends,” they got strangely silent around me. This is called “white silence” because it indicates that the YT FOLKS don’t care about black individuals killed due to a violent act. They’re simply unaffected by the disturbing incident. They just decided NOT to talk about the victims, which created a worrisome silence. They won’t engage you in a conversation because they don’t care and won’t change their minds. After observing my “white friends,” I realized my instinct tells me they are either well-hidden racists or fraudulent allies of anti-racist activist groups, even though they claim to support them. Although we were “chat buddies” on the internet, we NEVER really talked for a while. It seemed ironic that they were supposed to be my support system, but they AVOIDED talking to me for a long time.

As a matter of fact, it’s been an incredibly bizarre experience being friends with someone who hasn’t blocked me online.

On May 14, a shooting happened in a grocery store in my residential location of Buffalo, New York. I told my “white friends” on the internet about what happened, and they NEVER responded! Only a few of them do, but I began to be suspicious of them because of that.


Is it possible that my “white friends” have racist feelings against me, specifically by targeting me, but NOT to the others who have the same skin as me?

They’re not allies, are they?

My angry thoughts started rambling all over the place, which led me to believe that there was something strange about the morbid silence. I asked them online, asking, “Why do you keep ignoring me?” Okay, fine! I guess that’s what this is all about. I made a rash decision to block, unsubscribe, and unfriend your ass on multiple social media platforms. That is precisely what I have done this month!

My reminder to y’all

I just wanted to politely remind everyone that identifying names is NOT my main concern at this time because I don’t care who they are or what their race is; it’s just me reminding you. But if the people who call themselves “my friends” failed to care about my mental health, started alienating me, or took advantage of my emotional fragility without my prior knowledge.

Okay, I guess we’re better off NOT being friends. Whatever!

Those who wish me dead

I just mentioned my neighborhood food market exactly two days ago on YouTube. I often wondered if my enemies secretly reacted in anger that I didn’t get bloodied or scratched or worse. They probably wished I was the eleventh victim in my zip code store.

“You should be dead in that store!” “I wanted it to be you, but you’re at home!” “Why are you still breathing?”

I don’t need to EXPOSE the names of people (whoever) secretly wished me dead.

I’m NOT surprised if they said that behind my back in a sneaky way that I didn’t know about. I suppose I was tryin’ to say that I’ll use the phrase “secretly wishing.” Some fake friends don’t necessarily share their personal thoughts just because they have a right to their own privacy without making it public. 


It’s probably because you don’t have a clue what they’re really thinking, in their own heads, you know? See what I’m trying to say? I’m pretty sure my so-called “friends” have already wished I wasn’t alive in that store.

I mean, what happens if I go to that store? What WILL BECOME of you? What’s next?

If you did, you’re NOT my most trusted ally, and you absolutely have a ZERO right to call yourself a “friend” to be happy that I died. You can’t be one of our anti-racist allies who is honest and loyal to the BIPOC community.

You. Just. Can’t. Period.


Raccoons or Coons
Raccoons or Coons

I’m fully aware that I have adversaries in the black community, with or without disabilities. But I know NOT everyone in the same community universally hates me, and that’s okay. I’m saying that whoever it was, they didn’t like me for nothing more than the fact that we’re both black! I had many black people in my life who hated me to the core for various reasons.

The only worry I had was that they would whisper to someone they confide in, “I really wish Payton Gendron had killed you-know-who in that store.” Of course, then, I’ll refer to these ones in my community as “race traitors.” They don’t care that our skin is the same color and have decided to be happy that I’m dead.


Three Red Flags: Fake Allies, Race Traitors And White Silence

You’ve already learned THREE RED FLAGS about the toxic relationship with people online: fake allies (racist white people), traitorous black people, and white silence that amplifies the violence. These three red flags are:  You just have to keep them in mind daily.

Whoever you refer to or use the specific term “should,” you become responsible for developing your forbidden desires of someone you despise. If you had a solid aversion to someone or weren’t even friends with a specific person because you say “should” or “wish” to let adversaries know that they are better off being dead.

I will NOT accept or agree to “WISHFUL THINKING.” This is NOT okay.

Actually, that’s what’s happening to me in May 2022. Some of my so-called friends have already shown me their true colors. Now I have a better insight into their true personalities of being phony friends.  

In conclusion

I’ll NEVER forget those who mistreated me badly from this moment forward. Still, the facts reminded me that I couldn’t do anything to change the situation between them and me.

I'm in charge of maintaining my energy level and mental health, and I must protect myself at all costs.

I can’t afford to be in the company of “fake allies” or “traitorous coons” while suffering in white silence. I just can’t do that right now. I can’t. That’s why I’m ending my friendship with ’em now.


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