Why should I be angry that President Joe Biden and his wife are making a quick stop in my neighborhood zip code?

Why should I be angry that president Joe Biden and his wife are making a quick stop in my neighborhood zip code?

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

PHOTO CREDIT: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

They were there in my zip code area of Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, New York. I’ve seen them standing in my street, NOT too far from where I live! I had an opportunity to greet them in physical contact, but I chose NOT to! I have concluded that Prez Biden and his wife should NOT be glorified in my street! I ultimately REFUSED to meet them or shake their hands because I don’t like to attract their attention to me! Because…

I don’t give a flying fuck what their political status is. I don’t give a stinking shit whose identity they are! I don’t! They’re NOT important to me! 

It’s hard for me to comprehend that President Joe Biden and his wife had the audacity to visit my black community in Buffalo, New York. They weren’t there for more than THREE minutes before they departed. They haven’t formally prayed for someone or spoken with anyone else on Landon Street! They have come here to see photographs of dead victims that Payton Fuckin’ Gendron killed! That’s it!

The real problem I see in the mainstream media (teLIEvision news agencies) is relentlessly GASLIGHTING our American zombies that President Biden has already offered prayers and spoken with the relatives and friends of the 10 people; who were slain in my zip code!

No, no, no!

President Biden and his shitty wife NEVER engaged in conversation with them! They have just left after three minutes of observing the flowers and notes! I reiterated that they simply drove off the street in their limousine vehicle as if they had been stopped at a gas station for a few minutes before continuing on to the following location!

MEDIA NETWORKS: Why are you spreading false information? Why are you always making them look like they’re good guys?

Stop romanticizing the two white cretins who did NOTHING to improve my Buffalo neighborhood! You contributed to their agenda! You engage in such behavior because you want the whole world to believe that they cared about our existence in Buffalo! President Biden and his wife were visiting in my zip code really offended me!

I felt betrayed because I voted for you, Joe Biden! You will not get my vote in the next election!

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