6 Months At The National Technical For The Deaf (PART 1)

6 Months at The National Technical For the Deaf (PART 1)

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s already been 10 years in 2021! I’m still OBSESSED with every moment of my college experience from Fall 2011 to Winter 2012. Yeah! I’m consciously overthinking how much I reflect too much on good and bad memories. But what you’re reading here is probably TOXIC, UNHEALTHY, or REPETITIVE. I was only 19 years old in my naivety of real-world problems on my own after completing my high school diploma.


Sept 2011 To March 2012

  1. Demetrius Curtis
  2. Zachary Brain Seguin
  3. Missouri
  4. November 11, 2011
  5. David Cardona
  6. Emily Borgel

Demetrius Curtis

Demetrius Curtis, my 21-year-old roommate, was my first and worst memory of Rochester, New York. We don’t have anything in common! He was born straight, is also deaf, and loves playing basketball with his friends. At the time of sharing a bedroom with him on the fifth floor of the Mark Ellington Hall dormitory, which was about 20 yards away from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf building. Demetrius was responsible for heterosexism, homophobia, and discrimination on his part. He was always immature; he bullied me and blamed me for his personal problems! He was always a whining bully for four months in a row, and it was NO fun!

I complained to the dorm manager, Ashley Meyer, but she said it wasn’t good enough to change rooms. She said we had to figure out how to get along and make etiquette rules with each other.

Eventually, in December, she reluctantly agreed that I should be transferred to another dormitory. I was rooming with another Deaf Black dude ten years older than me. He wasn’t as bad as Mr. Curtis, but he smells so bad sometimes.

There will be no further comments at this point!

Due to my negative experiences and sense of discomfort for me to be around Demetrius and another roommate, I don’t want to talk about them at all!

I wish David Cardona was my first roommate instead of two idiots!

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