I’ve Been Workin’ On My TV Script For 12 Years… Still Struggling Today…

I wrote a racist, misogynist, and sexist character named Romeo in 

“David & Diana: Evil White Boyfriend.”

I plan to change Romeo’s heart toward LGBT people as time passes due to his increasingly bisexual relationship with David and Diana. He’ll evolve and improve over time, but NOT now in season 1 as essentially the same idea format of Stanley Kubrick’s movie, A Clockwork Orange. 

“Romeo, David, and Diana” are three recurring characters who experience their chaotic journeys of secrets and current events around them daily. They also help me overcome and deprogram my upbringing religious cult by drawing inspiration from William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Many Hollywood films heavily influenced my life’s work behind three teenage characters: Clockwork Orange, Almost Normal, Dare, American Horror Story, Nymphomaniac Vol 1 and 2′, and ‘Penny Dreadful.’ 

This movie, “Dare” inspired my three characters to write about.

Why have I decided to write from Romeo’s racist perspective in Part 1 of “David & Diana”?

I’ve often thought about how transphobes would react to non-binary shapeshifters instead of trans people, you know? Will they respond so melodramatically badly if they became aware of the existence of gender-bending folks? It’s NOT like werewolves getting caught by someone morphing from a man to a wolf. I mean, getting caught while your gender is magically swapped.

A collage photo of Mystique and Morph. Found on Google Images.

A collage photo of Mystique and Morph. Found on Google Images.

 Think of Mystique and Morph from X-Men comics.

In December 2011, Janet Mock and her former husband, Aaron Tredwell, motivated me to write the story of David and Diana. 


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