You, The Wattpad Company!

You, The Wattpad Company!

I signed up for Wattpad in 2013. My username is S8B2021 (8 Shades of Black), and my stage name is Shade Eight Black for entertainment purposes: (which was later deleted in 2021).

You (WATTPAD) accused me of a copyright infringement incident in February 2021. I strongly disagree with, disapprove, or condemn your allegations in the email communication under my GMAIL account, as you have so severely triggered my emotions to get upset!

A screenshot still of Wattpad in the email contacting me and they GASLIGHTED me!

The cancellation of my Wattpad account affected me psychologically!

In March or April 2021, I forced myself to STAY CALM because I needed to talk to you healthily, even when I was emotionally triggered by the cancellation in February 2021! I did NOT even expect that my account was going to be canceled behind my back! I did NOT even prepare to download my stories electronically via Flash Drive and backup data.

I’ve been on your FANFICTION platform for 9 years SINCE 2013!

After all these years on Wattpad, there are still NO words to describe my painful experience with the canceled account! Until then, and after learning what happened, I’m having trouble finding my balance in mental health because you seem so insensitive to my GRIEF for losses of what I write. I’m trying to stay calm as much as possible. Still, at the same time, NO ONE at Wattpad is making it easy for me to choose words carefully before I suffer any further!

You (the Wattpad company) MISUNDERSTOOD ME A BIG TIME!

What you didn’t know about me is a learning disability and grammatical problems in my communication skills while using the email online. It’s very much possible that you embarrassingly FAILED to understand my written speech at that time! You didn’t even bother to ask for more clarification. You just assumed! You didn’t know what I was really trying to do with my stories because you thought I was a fraud and a liar! You NEVER interrogated me correctly because your replies were brief, insensitive, and rude! I doubt your interaction style with fanfiction writers is very constructive or well-organized. You people are damn LAZY! You only assume my intelligence for mental health issues without learning the truth about my learning disorder as a DEAF person. 

I’m disabled! Stop being an ableist!

I must retrieve my written stories back from you people at Wattpad! The problem is that you don’t have any natural conception of personal belongings that is either DELETED or stolen. My stories are much more valuable to me as BABIES, which I wrote with pride, but I felt so dead inside without them!

You (Wattpad) should NEVER delete my stories from my account, NOR contact me about it. If you have any solid concerns about my writing styles, please contact me first! Why don’t you talk to me first?!

I don’t care if you think I broke the rules; you still have to talk to me first!

I have NOT abandoned my dreams of negotiating a beneficial solution with you. You must listen to me while I’m making proposal ideas that could solve all kinds of problems. Trust me, it’ll be successful if you’re willing to participate in the solution. For both of us, this is a win-win option for everybody on both sides. We need to have a middle ground!


  1. Please elaborate on what you believe to be copyright infringement. However, please specify if you still think I’m infringing the copyright of movies, books, and famous quotes.
  2. Ask questions first instead of jumping to a false conclusion and deactivating the Wattpad account of anyone who uses it. You may NEVER know that some people might have a similar idea which doesn’t necessarily mean they are stealing. It could be a work of nostalgia. Sometimes, one idea is frequently used by many writers without knowing or seeing each other’s works. This might have been a simple misunderstanding. Asking me questions won’t harm you. It’s better than taking down my account. Ask me first before canceling my account.
  3. After finishing downloading or “copy/paste” format, you can turn off my account again. I don’t need to return it to my account. 24 hours or 7 days for one week to access my account, so I can take 3 Reveries Long Wait and David/Diana Series home with me on Google Drive under my Gmail Account.  
  4. This is a television-styled screenplay and is a complete work of fiction in all types of circumstances, including the politically incorrect topics, and are coincidental. Did you see where I said, “All rights are explicitly reserved for the targeted audience of young adults. No part can be used or reproduced without the writer’s permission, unless celebrities, reviewers, or advertisers reach out to me. Due to copyright policy as I failed to cite specific sources without asking for their permission. I have tried contacting Hollywood industry agents to those who might have owned copyrights that I borrow or take from. I am no expert in a particular network or contact info on phone numbers.”
  5. Did you see where I said: “Let’s try contacting somebody at but call me lazy; I don’t care. If a celebrity reads this, well, all you have to do is tell me to delete whatever you think is yours. I hope we can make successful compromises and negotiations.”
  6. RDD 1, RDD 2, RDD 3, RDD 4, RDD 5, RDD 6 (My Writing Projects)
  7. Deaf Fairy Tales (My Other Works) › 200095770-rdd-3-the-new-closet (DELETED)

Thank you for having listened to me, and please reconsider. You WON’T regret reopening my account, so you know I’ll fix errors and download my data during the 24-hour limit.  

Give me 24 hours to reopen my account; I need to log into my account to download every chapter of 3 Reveries Long Wait!

I haven’t copied or stolen anything that didn’t belong to me because it doesn’t make sense, and secondly, I NEVER got paid, though. At that time, I was unemployed and poor! I thought Wattpad was a safe space where I could playfully write and remix the famous quotes or scenes the way I see in my head as if a movie theater!

3 Reveries Long Wait is my original WORK OF NON-FICTION! If you look at my stage name (Shad Eight Black) and my government name (DaShawn Owens) in the TV script I wrote, you’ll know I’m NOT lying! Believe me, I’m my own character from that television script!

You just thought I stole ideas while GETTING PAID. Now, that is CRAZY

I wrote “3 Reveries Long Wait” without stealing or copying! I own that title! It is based solely on my own real life. I didn’t make that shit up! I CANNOT lie if I write my own autobiography because I am the owner of my lived experiences as a disabled person! I don’t believe you’ve read every word I’ve written about my life!

I promise to remove a specific paragraph or something you ask me to do. Name it, I’ll review it, and I’ll take it out!

Tell me, what part of my work and which one you think is a copyright infringement, you name it. I’ll DECIDE what to delete, but NOT everything in my writing will be immediately deleted unless it’s original. Please specify the clear violations of Chapters and Page, Paragraphs. I’ll clean it up for you and make up for “borrowing” mistakes because I wasn’t stealing. I was borrowing because I NEVER got paid, though. I promise. Please reconsider carefully; you will NOT regret giving me my account back online. 

THE LONGEST ANSWER: I borrowed punchlines from movies, books, and celebrities without permission, but that doesn’t mean I took credit for their career. I wrote love letters as a tribute to the people who inspired me in my writing. I NEVER said I got credit for their published bibliographies. These copyrights are only used as an inspiring theme or as a muse. Still, I can see why you believe I violated the policies on Wattpad. I forgot who these credits belong to while I was on my Wattpad account, so you know I’m NOT a thief-type. I NEVER stole anybody’s works; I’ve NEVER claimed ownership of any copyright!

I just borrowed from around the world online! Sometimes I get ideas from real places that aren’t on the internet! Right now, I have difficulty finding an agency to ask permission to use music lyrics in the first few scripts of “RRD.” I don’t know how to reach out to music artists (celebrities) for approval. I have lazily left them on Wattpad since 2013 without getting an endorsement. Those copies of similar words only sit there on my account for 8 years! No one has complained about how I write, and nobody reported copyright infringement for 8 years! I mean, no one until now!

I wasn’t interested in contacting copyright AGENCIES because it’s a costly and complicated process FOR ME! 

I have a severe case of Writer’s Block Syndrome! I NEVER finished with my stories published on Wattpad. I seldomly write from time to time, creatively overcoming my weakness in plotline and brainstorming problems. Though I would use citations, references, and say, who wrote the lyrics. I was just brainstorming the rough drafts posted online for anyone to see. I hope my audience will drop a comment, but I haven’t had a comment in many years! So the result of no comments is why “copied” phrases of famous people ended up staying in my account for 8 years without being correctly modified. I FORCED and CHALLENGED myself to say something entirely different, which was very HARD! I have an unyielding passion for changing the meaning of quotation marks! I can always REPHRASE it in my own words without making it look like plagiarism.

Battling Writer’s Block all my life!

Whenever I returned to Wattpad, I only finished half of my writing projects by tapping my fingertips on the keyboard. I NEVER finished the series in a traditional format. I always had many fragmentary sentences, brief paragraphs, conceptual ideas, and incomplete thought forms because of being a writer’s block syndrome! I didn’t always hang out with my audience members on Wattpad from time to time for 8 years.

I couldn’t get myself through a blank space of empty words in my headspace; my fingertips stopped writing immediately. Then a few hours later, I came back with new ideas in the blank spaces after logging off for some time. The ideas I have received are inspired by popular culture and unpopular subjects I learned every day for 8 years! I mean, it is IMPOSSIBLE to make contact with famous people who NEVER replied to me. I doubted they read my stories online! This is my learning experience because NO ONE taught me how! I had to figure it out on my own!

You assume it’s easy for me to write stories, but YOU’RE wrong! IT’s tough!

I NEVER finish on time! I wish I could end overnight! I wrote my ideas without feedback or help! I wrote them myself! Please do NOT misunderstand or erroneously assume some stories on Wattpad that you think I have financially stolen from someone’s works.

I can’t find any more backup copies of the 3 LONG REVERIES WAIT on my computer or laptop! I just purchased a new computer and a laptop. I do NOT have any copies of my entire work! The only source of my work that I have available is on my Wattpad account, which was the only and the last copy of the 3 Long Reveries Wait! 


I was so READY to download my writing project’s many pages and chapters. Still, everyone at Wattpad canceled me before I downloaded it! You REFUSED to give back my babies to me. These stories are my babies! Don’t kill my babies! I hated when people murdered my babies! There’s NO reason and ZERO reasons to interrupt my writing projects! Seriously, you have NO idea how much I was trying to accomplish here! You’ve NEVER learned to ask me first! You haven’t asked me the right questions! You could have requested sources of information to prove that I was NOT a copyright thief!

Poof, gone!

All the stories have gone blank and disappeared online! After you deleted my account, I got the impression that the Wattpad staff hid my stories somewhere in the system! I don’t think my stories got erased or shredded the same way the papers got shredded into the machine, you know? You people just want to forget me and pretend I never existed forever. 

You people still don’t know what I’m going to do with my writing projects! Did you know what my plan is, didn’t you? Huh?

I planned to download all my stories from Wattpad to Google Drive. Yes! I was going to do all that to “copy” and “paste” into Google Docs, Google Drive, and Microsoft Word, but you constantly interrupted my plans! I don’t like being interrupted; I’m always sick and tired of being interrupted without askin’ me first! You people left me in the dark without letting me know that my account is being axed or giving me a heads-up ahead of time. No warning, nothing! 

I have worked so fuckin’ hard to share my stories with the audience on Wattpad since 2013! 

The worst part is that you made me realize how much I REGRET joining your stupid website. I wish I didn’t publish my writing projects on Wattpad for NO reason to shut down my account! I can’t believe how many years I wasted my time on Wattpad, and only later in 2021 to be removed and rudely ignored by the same people at Wattpad! I realized I should’ve done my projects on Google Drive. I LOST my faith in the name of your logo because I relapsed again. I’ve recovered recently from my mental health crisis and got better so many times during my early years of adulthood, but now, I relapsed again because of you!

You people said my “babies” are NOT there anymore after deleting my account, but you NEVER explained how my stories disappear after deleting my account on your platform due to the outraging LACK of transparent communication between you and me! I expected more from Wattpad than that.

I often wondered whether or NOT my “babies” are still alive somewhere on your website, even after my account was canceled! I hope they are still okay and alive!

I care about my stories more than my soul! I cared for them!

All of you people at Wattpad only wanted me to STOP complaining and move on with my dull life! So you can AVOID arguing with me any further by shutting me down and cutting me off from any contacts. You said I was “overly aggressive and debatable,” but you FAILED to bring that attention to me without questions about my stories that might violate copyright policy. You just see me like a number instead of a live person. You think I’m one of those people who “come and go.” As if I’m a shopping customer that came into the store to buy something and then left the store, NOT returning again if I’m being banned.

What I’m telling you is…

You people at Wattpad could have been BETTER at communicating with me rather than immediately canceling my account. Or… Rather than waiting for me to start aggressively nudging the company so hard to get attention. I hated that part where I had to be aggressive! I don’t like how we leave things on a sour note or abandon the situation without trying to solve problems between us. I know you guys at Wattpad could have given back my babies to me; I know you can, but are you ready to cooperate with me? Because I’m prepared to find us a middle ground, okay?!

Thank you for your cooperation! Stay patient with me; we’ll work it out!

Your best regards,    


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